Green and growing, white and snowing.

in hive-185836 •  3 months ago 

Preparing for the growing season.

The seeds are in the soil and have begun to become small plants. Mostly flower but also tomatoes, chillies and different herbs. In a week or two when the weather became a bit warmer wi will bring the new green out to the greenhouse . There has been little snow this winter, maybe spring will come early


Snowing today, warmer weather in front.



Grow big and make many chillies

Waiting for the green.

A day early in the spring.


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Looks like you are well prepared.
The spring can arrive now.
Resteemed :-)

Thank's so much for comment @lichtblick.

Love herbs, basil and rocket salad my favorite :)

Thanks so much @stef1 for comment.

with a little fertilizer, and often watered will be greener and grow easily ,, success always sir @karja

Thanks @humaidi for comment and advice.

You're welcome friends, have a nice day

wow, very beautiful photographer about plants, and plants are also very useful in nature, thank you for sharing the photos @karja , I hope you are always healthy,

Thank' @masrill.

you are welcome @karja

Nice doing I also growing vegetables in my balcony 🤣😊

Thank's @shashiprabha for comment .

a plant that has many benefits, can be useful in everyday life, I once planted chilies, but the fruit is not too much, have a nice day @karja

Thank's @taillah for comment .

you'are welcome @karja.

Wow! You have chili plants too!!
The snow outside covers everything!

Thank's @kaminchan for comment.

Nice greenhouse!

Thank's @brittilicious.

Great contrast with the green and snow outside.

Thank's so much @offgridlife for commenting.

amigo aqui m ivisita un gusto saludarlo,feliz noche

Thank's very much @petrarodriguez.

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