Happy eastern

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Fresh snow in the morning.

Some snowy pictures from my yard. We got ten cm snow during a couple of hours this morning. The weather changes from some +degree and rain one ,the next day snow and colder weather.



My wife makes a snowman





Kalle, the snow man

Last snow cleaning this year??? My be or my be not, time will show.

One day in the spring.

Regards from the north

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WOW! Your yard is beautiful covering with plenty of snow. This makes your house look as if it's in the fairytale. Wonderland!

The snowman is very huge and really cute. Your wife did great job!

The yellow flowers with the snowflakes are very gorgeous.

Great capture! ;)

Thank' very much mr @tangmo for pleasant comment . Now I'm tired of the snowy weather , looking forward fro the spring and warmer weathers.

You are much welcome!

Hope you will have the spring and warmer weathers soon.... ;)

p.s. I love snowy weather because we never have snow in Thailand, I feel very excited when seeing snow even in the photos....and the snow in your photos is really wonderful. ;))

How cold is snow, I never felt it, because in my area there is no snow, do the people there feel happy and happy in snow!! In my opinion, the snow is very beautiful and attractive, the atmosphere must be different.

Thank's @lensa-macro for comment. Snow is cold, how cold depending on the temperature. anyway you have to wear warm clothes for to be able to stay outside.

thank you for sharing, this is my new knowledge, nice to see your post, friend.

Happy ister friend beautiful pictures

Thanks so much @csharma for commenting .

very beautiful, it feels like an adventure there

Thank's @partner-macro for comment

Thank you again @kerja,I am glad you can reply

yes, indeed the scenery there is very beautiful, especially in mountainous areas filled with snow, so life there is like ice, in the snow, thank you for sharing your days like that, @karja.

Thank's @masril for pleasant comment

you are welcome sir .

What for is that building?

Thank's @mister-omortson for comment. That is my greenhouse, we have already moved in with a lot of green.
A heater inside give 20 deree C inside, ven though it's a few degrees below zero outside.

I thought it is a gazebo))))

Very beautiful, although I want to have the warmth and real spring:)

Thank's @iren007 for comment, yes now we looking forward to the spring .

Here's summer unlimited but I am seeing in your pictures cool.

Thanks @shashiprabah for comment

I see that your place is all covered with snow.
Was it really snowy like this there?

Thank's @jasonmunapasse for comment. Snow is frozen rain and were cold.

it's so cold.
We recommend that you make a campfire in the house.

  ·  last month (edited)

You know sir what was in my mind when I saw this photo ??

This is so amazing and I really want to be in that place

Can I share this post?

Thank's @attao9 for pleasant comment. Yes you can share.

Thank you very much sir. Glad you allowed it. We wish you good health and happy days


how does cold snow feel the same as cold when it rains. The problem is that in Indonesia there is no snow season so you don't know how cold it is

Hello @aldrich10, thank's for comment. When you are wet and cold you freeze. When there is 10-15 minus degreeC And windy that is cold , you have to use warm wearings if not you are dead at a short time.

so want to feel the cold snow, never felt in a lifetime. how to deal with if the temperature is 10-15 mines.

  ·  last month (edited)

Where do you come from @karja?

You are really lucky to live in such a wonderful nature.
The illuminated greenhouse looks great in the snow.
Happy Easter.

Thanks so much @lichtblick for pleasant comment

Nice and lovely shots

Thank's @head1

Great snow photos, we don't get snow in South Africa, (Most places, we may get on high mountains) although it does go below zero at night in mid winter. Currently the weather is still great, although we are on our way to winter!!

Than' so mush @rynow for pleasant comment.

Happy Easter with snow or without the holiday is there. I love the snowman :)

Thank's @stef1 for nice comment.