In the old streets.

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Evening walk in Sjøgata the old part of the town Mosjøen.

In the town is the famous Sjøgata with wooden houses and piers from the 19th century. A cozy neighborhood with nice old and well maintained buildings. Many small shops and restaurants. Pictures from last fall.













One evening in the north.



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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

That place really look nice an cozy, I am pretty sure everyone knows everyone, like in a big family. I like the little cafe, looks very inviting.
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Thank's so much @stef1 for pleasant comment.

There is not a single passerby! Is everyone at home?))))

Thank's @mister-omortson for commenting. You are right, no peoples outside, strange my be the weather war rainy and cold.

Muy buenas fotografías 😃📸. Detallaste y enfocaste muy bien. 😄👌

Thank's @maelichb for comment.

Nice walk in the night along the old streets! The houses and the cafe are beautiful. The lights can make the area look more fascinating. Great shot! ;)

Thanks again mr @tangmo.

My pleasure! ;)

A couple of summers ago I cycled around the south of Sweden and liked it very much, specially it being so flat!. When all this pandemic settles I would like to tour Norway in summer with my boyfriend, on our bicycles, and perhaps we would go by and visit Mosjoen. I'll need to be very fit to go up and down all those hills!
Thank you for sharing such nice pictures, and now it's on my bucket list.

Thank's so much @romanie for pleasant comment. welcome to the north,do not forget to bring warm clothes. it can be very rainy and cold even in summer.

The old city is indeed very beautiful, so if we look at it it looks very beautiful. with its sights

Thanks @karja for the interesting photos. This is a mysterious city!