In the white under the blue.

in hive-185836 •  2 months ago  (edited)

Walking in the silence.

It happens we have days like this with nice and shiny weather. You have to put your skies on you feets and take a walk. No wind no noice a beautiful landscape what more could you want, that's life. A walk in complete silence, good for your soul and mind.







Pictures from a nice weather day in the north.



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Great Pictures 👌

Thank's @xels

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Beautiful white landscape with bright blue sky! The sun is really magnificent. The trees are wonderful, especially in the 3rd picture. And the tree covering with snow in the last picture looks like the Christmas tree. Very beautiful! The shadow of the trees and the ski is amazing. Great capture! ;)

Thank1s very much @tangmo for comment.

You are much welcome! ;)

You got a resteem :-) Awesome shots.

Thank's so much @lichtblick

Me encantan esos paisajes, me recuerda cuando voy a la nieve a hacer deporte. Saludos amiga

Muchas gracias @kikenexum

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Peace & Love!

Thank's @fuli

Thank you so much friends for sharing a very good post and the results of the landscape photography are very happy to see the beauty of nature in your world, good luck always @karja

Thank's so much @masril for comment

The scenery is very beautiful in winter. I really like skiing, but the journey there is very far. Have a nice day @karja

Thanks @taillah for nice comment

I really enjoy the window you open to this part of the world that for me is so exotic. Wonderful photos ! such a crisp light!

Thank's so much @romanie for pleasant comment

Really amazing winter landscape pictures.

Thank's @andyjaypowel for comment

Like blue and white utopia