Mountains in the fjord Sørskjomen.

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Soon it's time for winter fishing.

My favorite fjord for fishing, a fjord with spectacular mountains. The good thing with this fjord is the more stabile weather. Winter time I use to fish with nets so I depend on a few days of calm weather to get to the sea.





Picture from a winter day in the north.


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Great Pictures!!!

Thank's @xels.

Man, the lake view is so soothing and unbelivable beautiful.
This is a clear resteem.

Thank you very much @lichtblick.

Amazing reflection. Norway always very popular for its high mountains and fjords. Snow made the effect of mirroring even stronger :)

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Thanks so much @stef1 for pleasant comment.

Wonderful mountain view with bright blue sky! The mountains are magnificent covering with white snow and the reflection on the water is really gorgeous. Great capture!

The water looks clean and clear and the place looks quiet and calm. It will be great that you will spend your time there for winter fishing soon. ;)

Thank's so much @tangmo for pleasant comment.

You are much welcome! ;)

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

The views from your photographs are amazing ❤️ @karja

Thank's @ucist.

Wow.... really appreciate I liking that pictures you are sharing here.

Thank's @shashiprabha.

thank you @karja, for sharing your photography, and also a very pleasant view, in your world, very much different from the natural beauty in Indonesia

Thank's so much @masril for comment.

you are welcome @karja

Amazing nature

Snow scenery is very beautiful, I am very interested to go there, but very far from where I live, have a nice day @karja

Thank's so much @taillah for comment.

you are welcome friends, I am very interested in seeing your posts @karja

Amazing blue scenery! I wish I could be standing there!!

Thank's @kaminchan for comment.

The photos are awesome :) I'm curious what kind of fish types are there?