Teleconference GIEQs III (the Ghent International Endoscopy Quality and Safety Symposium)

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Hello dear Steemians,


Today I wanted to share with you the great event that our Hospital staff was able to take a part. As you can see I have mentioned that in the name of my post and of course the abbreviation, because it is quite funny to hear only GIEQs without knowing what it is.

First I wanted to remind some of the users who might not know me, that I am working as a surgeon in hospital in Scotland. It is common here that although we are surgeons but we also perform Endoscopy, upper and lower Gastroentestinal (GI) tract. My specialized field upper GI.

Majority of Endoscopy is done by Gerontologists but we have a combined unit and people with bleeding are covered by both specialists.


GIEQs III (the Ghent International Endoscopy Quality and Safety Symposium)


Working in Medicine we do every year some training course and I must say there are many, sometimes it is difficult to chose, luckily our Hospital Trust is taking over the expenses and happy to train us. Otherwise, if we would be paying ourselves it would be a firtune, like some conferences just to attend even online one cost GBP300-500 and no matter if you come to live or watch online.

Back to my topic, about a month ago, our Endoscopy dept- announced that there is a Symposium in Gent, Belgium about Endscopy with many presentation from all over the world. There were few from Scotland too, but also Australia, USA, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.

Because this Symposium was already planned last year they made it possible to stream it live to those ones who unable to visit live. Our Hospital trust signed up for live streaming and of course, due to the event of 2 days, we individually were able to follow it if we subscribe and do it online.

That was handy for my because even though I was during the first day present but then I was post-night oncall and the second day I watched it online from home.


The Symposium Organizer and presenters:


Myself I discovered that wonderful opportunity of the Endoscopy training and immediately subscribed for it. The group has its own Twitter website:




It is funny but now I know almost more than a half of the people because many of them presented case, some of them were nurses in Endoscopy and some Anesthetists.

In our hospital we had three places where the live streaming took place, because there were two different Lectures and presentation took part simultaneously. The funny thing was in UK due to time difference everything started too early approximately 6AM. Luckily the beginning was welcoming and explanation how it will run and introduction.

But you can imagine in Australia it was going into night. Nevertheless we all enjoyed it. I have few pictures of the area that I attended the first day, of course there was a table with some tea, because it was too early. The colours of video on wall is much paler because the room was light.


Photos of local Hospital streaming


On day Two, I had on my computer and you can see the colours are much brighter and quality is better.










At the end of course Sponsors of the Symposium and as you can see very familiar names:




Without those Sponsors such event would not be possible.

I hope you also enjoyed the photo journey of Symposium.


Trenner groß.png


CURATION TRAIL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png



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I really enjoyed reading this post. It´s a great opportunity to grow as a professional when the system you are working in gives back and invests in you. I feel your gratitude here! My greatest respect for the work you do, it´s a great responsability. Best Wishes!

Thank you for your feedback, completely agree the chances of such international meetings nowadays much more and we have to use them where possible.Interesting that on later stage when contacting those people it does not feel like we are talking to strangers, that somehow reminds me the social media where you make friends and grow together.

Yes, the internet makes the world seem much smaller! :-)

Yea agree! @stef1 well done! 👍

Thank you :)

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

I enjoyed reading this @stef1...I myself went to a GI specialist a while ago, he said that if I improve my diet and exercise, I will be fine…he was correct :) But, it just makes me appreciate the work that y'all do…and symposiums are really great for specialists to communicate and improve their field of work.

GI specialists are great, often we surgeons ask their advises. The need to have both skills interventional like performing Endoscopy but also the medicine. On other hand such symposium encourage to subscribe to such websites and for the organizers that is some fund to develop their websites. So good for both sides.


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I am pleased that my article was chosen for support, thank you @steemcurator07 and @petface :)