We are expanding our team in WOX and welcome @petface as a moderator in our community

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Many of you know @petface through her great posts and comments she makes.


She has been consistently here on Steemit for a year and a half now. she was part of our Diving Program in WOX, then a Queen Commenter who also curated posts in the WORLD OF XPILAR as a part of the orca initiative.

@petface lives in London, England and she is a travel agent and she often shares her great travel letters with us

photo credit @petface

@petface has also been selected to be one of the Community Curator Teams for October 2022 by the steemit team

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our subscribers 20,150 for the trust you show the WOX community and a big thank you to our team of moderators who make WOX a pleasant place to live on Steem/Steemit



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I think it's excellent to give @petface the opportunity to be part of the WOX team, she will surely play a very good role as moderator.

I wish her success.

Congratulations @petface! Now the community will get another active moderator, and therefore the authors' posts will get even more attention. I wish you success!

Marvelous! @petface is an excellent choice... and I'm so impressed with what a great example she is of being a relative newcomer who has enjoyed considerable success!

Hi @petface! Both positions are perfect for you - ... and the other way round ;-))

Congratulations to you @petface!
You have a lot of energy and personal charm, I think. that the WOX team has become even stronger.
Good luck to you!


Congratulations to you @petface

Now a moderator of the WOX community.

I have reviewed the Steemit profile, they have really great shares. He is very successful in photography. I support you @petface 🙏🏽

I wish everyone a nice day☺️

He is successful on this platform. I am sure that he will successfully fulfill the responsibility he will take on as mod and moderator. I hope it will continue for a long time, I wish you success. @petface 🙂


Good work and congratulations for what you do in this community

Hola amigo @xpilar, bienvenida querida @petface espero sea de tu agrado formar parte del equipo!!

Mis mejores deseos para ti. :)

Well chosen! Congratulations @petface, you will be perfect for this! 😃👍

The idea of having @petface in the community as a moderator is great. She is a creative woman and above all with a great personality. I congratulate the proposal, I know it has the support of many in the community, starting with mine.

Wow, My hearty congratulations to dear @petface for her selection as a moderator in this esteemed community. My best wishes and a follow to her (A real follow 🎉👍)

Que bueno tener a @petface como parte de este valioso equipo que día tras día están trabajando para el fortalecimiento de nuestra comunidad objetivamente...

Mucho éxito en esta nueva labor..


Congratulations @petface
Wish you luck 🥂👍

@petface congratulations on your new position in wox, you will surely complement a great team, the greatest of successes!

I am happy for it @xpilar, she glows with fun and friendliness vibes. 👍

Yes, she is a great person

What good news, the friend @petface is a great content creator and a very kind user. God bless her in her new role within the community.

Thank you ever so much for this wonderful opportunity @xpilar I am over the moon about being a moderator together with having the opportunity to curate on the platform. I take both positions seriously and spare as much time as I can daily to support the rest of my fellow Steemians here who I can’t thank enough for all the lovely comments which I read over and over again.

We here in WOX need to keep working harder providing unique, interesting to read content. I mean if you took eight or even more stunning photos with a professional camera, then transferred them to a laptop or tablet at least just tell us a bit more about them. That’s all it takes. Even if you did nothing exciting today, #thediarygame is always an option as we live miles away from each other so pretty much everything you share here others, the more the better, would find interesting. So let that creative monster out and just give us a chance to get to know you better.

It's great to have you on our team, you do a great job in the community 👍

Hello friend!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
Thank you for witnessvoting for me.
please click it!
(Go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

Congratulations @petface for being nominated to wox team!

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