Wear Your Steem Shirt Contest( Share and promote steemit with friends and families.)

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Everyone here on steemit has a great role to play in helping to increase the activities of the blockchain. This involves many and different significant functions of all steemians. Among the many activities that are required of everyone to help build the platform that we all hope to see is getting involve massively in the promotion of steemit. It requires the involvement of all members in reaching this goal.

In our quest to help spread and promote steem here and in Ghana and beyond, @steem-ghana is inviting everyone on the blockchain to participate in a contest that seeks to achieve the massive promotion of this blockchain to the people around us. This is just about giving you an opportunity to talk to someone about steemit blockchain in a very simple manner. Thanks to @nattybongo @njaywan and @oppongk for helping to work on this course.


The Contest

In other words, share steemit with anyone you find even as you make effort to promote steem blockchain in your steem T-shirt. With so much beauty, take selfies and photos of the scenes and moments spent with whoever you shared steemit with. Let us promote and share steemit with people while we in rock our nicely made steem shirt.

The contest runs from 9th April to 16th April 12:00 GMT.

1st place-10 steem
2nd place -7 steem
3rd place- 5 steem

Contest Terms and Conditions

  • All entries must be made through the steem-ghana community with at least 300 words.
  • Take selfies with your guests in a steemit T-shirt.
  • Contest is open to all and in any language.
  • Only one entry is allowed as your original work(No Plagiarism).
  • Please comment the link to your entry under this post.
  • Use the tags #wearyoursteemshirt(1st tag), #promo-steem(2nd tag), #ghana(3rd tag), your country tag.

Be part of the history that is continually made by sharing steemit with the world in your beautiful steem T-Shirt. Let us create a lovely gallery for memorable promo steem moments with people around us.
With the support and directions from @stephenkendal @pennsif @dorbatim @justyy @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 l wish all participants a successful #wearyoursteemshirt contest.

All country Reps

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Great contest 👏. Expecting some great entries here. Let's push steem together bro.

Nice contest

Get your steem shirt in promotion.

On point

On point

Hoping to see you promote steemit in your steem shirt.

  ·  last month (edited)

Sure, if only I can grab one from where i am🙂

Thats great idea and how do we get steem shirt

Kindly hook up with @njaywan or @mcsamm on telegram or WhatsApp for your copy.


Great Contest let’s get promoting steem, steem to Ghanaians. Thanks for this @mcsamm

Thanks for the support bro

My absolute pleasure bro

Nice contest

I think i have to get mine soon

I can't wait to get some selfies with my colleagues with steem. But l would need a new t-shirt since l gave it out to a friend who expressed so much interest in that.

Please kindly see @mcsamm @nattybongo or @njaywan for a copy of your steem t-shirt ASAP. The contest is on. Let us join in to promote steemit in our localities. Thanks for passing through @aquatp2

Pls what about me

Yes the moment of the movement of steem should great indeed. Wear your steemit T-shirt is going to be a great thing.

We ask members to join and share.

Our pleasure.

My entry please