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Greetings everyone,

I have been spending some quality time with the newbies on our various platforms and it is always good to hear some positive feedback from their end. Many of them are now exploring the platform in search of various contests and kudos on their part for providing links to various ones they find on steem. This helps to foster growth and improves our connection as we can't find all the active contests for them, as much as we would want to.

The weekend presented a good opportunity for me to go get myself a haircut. This was because, the barbershop wasn't really crowded when I visited there as there was only one person getting trimmed inside the shop. It was actually a friend of mine, Sammy who was getting trimmed.



Had to wait for Sammy to get his haircut first

I therefore sat on the couch and waited for my turn in order to get my haircut. It took just about 30 minutes for him to be done. I then sat for my turn to get my hair trimmed.


The haircut I received

I had a good conversation with the barber whiles he was trimming my hair. I didn't realize he was also a university student. He said he offers biological science and is currently in his second year. I told him about steemit but he said he wasn't a good writer. I hope to be able to assist him in creating an account soon though.

He gave me a nice cut which I was quite satisfied with and left his shop afterwards.


A look at my final haircut

I then visited the paradise supermarket to get some lotion and deodorant since I recently run out. They always have my favorite lotion and other relevant products which is why I prefer shopping here. I then went to make payment at the counter and headed home.


Shopping at the Paradise Supermarket

Thank you for your attention.

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You indeed needed a haircut,
You look good now

I feel better now 😌. Haha

You look sleek bro, nice haircut, i am curious though why was the other guy naked from the top whiles getting a haircut haha

That's because it is very hot here bro 🥵. Highest temperature was 42 degrees celcius today.

Screenshot_20210410-215720_Bixby Voice.jpg

You really look good.

Thank you.

This your haircut is awesome ,I have to look for that guy to shave my for me.

Oh you definitely should! His shop is right behind grandma's shop.

He will give you a nice fit. 😉

man the haircut just made you handsome again , never let the hair grow again .
some shankus for you soon

Hahahah, thanks.

Definitely not growing it out again.

Chaley, you’re looking astonished 😧
You need to shave every two weeks to look fantastic. Lol 😆

O nice

nice haircut boss,
wait, you look like my junior bro.👍😃😄😀