Promo Steem : Launching Of Operation Massive Recruitment, Nsutaman Catholic SHS

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Hey Guys!, did you get the announcement of the launching of operation massive recruitment ?

Then you will love to read from post made by @bigssam here: operation massive recruitment for steemit

Under the auspices of @bigssam, @menak, @fortune182, @delakloe, myself and other couple of lovely Steemians around Nsuta environs, we are putting ourselves together to make mass recruitment at Nsutaman Catholic Senior High School.


Fortunately, @menak, @delakloe and @kubati are tutors at the Senior High School. Through communication of Steemit blockchain to them and always being busy for Steemit, they have shown interest to join and explore using their little knowledge they have.

The theme of this Meetup is :

operation massive recruitment & guiding newbies in steem!

The program line up:

  • Writing of theme for the program boldly on a banner/cardboard using marker pen.


some of the faces of Steemians you will see at Nsuta massive recruitment program

  • As many who have Stemit T-shirt will wear and demonstrate to these non steemit users making the steemit name popular.

  • We will make mass recruitment at Nsutaman Catholic Senior High school. We will take some few time to teach them how blogging in steem works.

  • We will gather some Newbies at SDA school to share with them how they can blog and earn. And support them to write their achievement post.

Steem has been impressive this year hitting $1+, and it's likely to reach $3 by the close of the year. If we want steem move tremendously then we need to put concrete measures in place to see this reality. That is the rationale behind our support of projects, and meetups.

Many people have not yet heard about steem and going forward we need to sell this great opportunity that people would like to grab without paying any fees. Actually, many people are suffering from wasting their money for scammers, but with steemit and steem nothing of this happens. Therefore, we should not hide the name of steem but rather announce it to the public. That's why we are making this great shout out !!!

Join us while we promote Steem to the top. We have decided to bring preliminary projects to support the Community members and its surrounding villages.

Stay tuned!


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We will start the minor recruitment today at Mampong Ashant around 3:00 afternoon
Wish to meet you there @ppongk,@fortune182 and @bigssam,

That would be great. Would be happy to support.

That is a very good initiative ...can't wait to recruit staff. #promo-steem

My pleasure to meet you Guys!

Great work boss...

Indeed the time has present itself for Steemit to moon, let us all promote Steemit in our homes, communities, work, church and other social networks. Thanks for generous support to steem-ghana.


Feel very proud to have you my boss.


This is certainly going to be epic, i do hope you all take advantage of the opportunity to enter the T-Shirt Promo contest by @mcsamm