Dairy Game||11-04-2021.||My Sunday activities

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Hello Steemians
Sunday’s in the Christian society is a day of Sabbath and It must be kept Holy.
This morning I said a prayer after I woke up from my sleep.
In our hostel water wasn’t flowing through the taps. So I went with some friends to fetch water to bath.
Afterwards I went to a nearby supermarket to buy bread for breakfast before I left for church service.


After I returned I prepared breakfast ate and left for church service



And when I finished eating

I got to church and lona s behold it was a rep your jersey Sunday




These pictures were taken after service

I closed from church and came home
At sunset I helped @farhmade wash some of his utensils.
He did the washing and I did the rinsing


Lastly I watched a television show titled date rush with @marwone and @wonderbwoy




It was fun watching the show. I enjoyed the show and today too.
Thank you for reading!!!

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