How my day ended by taking my favorite dish, Fufu.

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Hello steemians
My greetings to you all
April has started well with me and I really like this month though I’m not born in this month
My weekends was great from Good Friday
We went for an outing at the tono dam in the upper east region of Ghana and met these pretty ladies.

We conversed with them for some time and departed to our ways
Later we went to a restaurant to eat because we were hungry.


This is when we got to the restaurant and we were served this for the starter as we ordered




We waited for sometime and ordered for our main dish Fufu. Did you know that the commonest and most eaten food here in Ghana is fufu(fufuo) in the local dialect? It is mostly prepared and eaten by the Akan tribe in Ghana.
In case you haven't seen and tasted Ghanaian local fufu made, l present one to share with you as well.
I really enjoyed my weekend and this season of the Son of God

I wish you a Happy Easter

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They are indeed pretty ...great day you had ..

Ooh yeah...