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hello everyone ;

I woke up very early today. I cleaned all day yesterday and slept early at night. I woke up again at 7 am today. I woke up sleepless. A deep cleaning is done before the arrival of the guests, which is the custom of the Turks. deep cleaning is done after the guest leaves. This is of course a very difficult situation. As soon as I woke up, I brewed black tea for breakfast. I felt it would be cold. even it was written that it would be rainy weather in case of weather. but I wiped the windows in spite of it. At least I've wiped the dust off. It's as if the guest will look at the windows. But at least I would have done it during the holiday cleaning. I washed all the curtains. I deleted the doors. .wiped the sofas the kids were painting on.

I had the carpets cleaned. The bell rang and my carpets arrived. the timing was perfect. It is very pleasant to lay clean carpets after cleaning the house. I dusted everything with a clean cloth. I wiped everything with my hands. inside and outside of cabinets. I washed and cleaned the children's toys. My son coughs a lot at night. Maybe because of the dust, I wipe it every day.

After cleaning, the children woke up. I just prepared breakfast. we had breakfast. but the children ate very little. as always. I cleaned the kitchen after breakfast. I wiped the back of the stove behind the machines. I even cleaned the walls. I cleaned the cabinets. I wiped the carpet. I'm too tired. but my work was not done yet. 3 machines washed. curtains, bedding etc.. I hung it all up to dry. I folded the dried ones. My husband said we should go out. We had things to get.

I got ready and we went out. but I don't remember how I walked with this tiredness. The children also did a lot of mischief. We looked for shoes for my husband. We were very surprised at the prices. The last time we bought shoes, it was 200 TL. It is now 1000 TL. What is the 5 times difference??? incredible situation. We couldn't take care of the kids properly. I took the kids out. My husband looked at the shoes.


Then we went to a cosmetics store because I needed to use sunscreen. We asked about sunscreens. We had to ask because I don't know the brands. but then we got confused. recommended these two brands. I didn't buy it to research online.


I don't know which one is better. but the price difference was very small. I don't know either. The kids did a lot of mischief. They made us very angry. We left the stores and came home. we were very hungry. I cut all the chicken in the house into pieces.
I made a restaurant-style juicy meal in two whole legs and two wings. I put potatoes in it. There are tomatoes, garlic and onions. it was very delicious. kids loved it.


and sleep came to me. Now I will rest after completing the tasks.

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