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Even my mom hated me. It was like I was never expected to be born in this world. The unholy child of Satan. The antichrist.

If I knew it would be like this. I would’ve killed myself in my mother’s womb if I had to. I would have choked myself with the umbilical cord if I had known it would come to this. Oh how my parents despised me so much that my father left me not even knowing if I would live to see daylight. And my mom committed suicide because she hated seeing my father’s shadow in me. She even never once mentioned me in her diary by my name. Called me by it.

Such thoughts were pushing me too far. Even the thought of killing myself was playing around in my mind.

And suddenly, I heard somebody at the door. Trying to open it. Maybe it’s uncle Jack. I went down to look.

No!! Why is she here? It was jenny at the door. Maybe she’s here to rub more dirt in my face. Maybe she came to say that I don’t and can ever belong.

Archer? Archer? Are you home? She called my name and repeatedly knocked at the door.

I know you are there. I can see your shoes. Open up, please. I need to talk with you.

I was hesitant. It maybe is better that I never see her again. Sparing myself the pain of losing everyone around me.
Please, Archer, talk to me.

I couldn’t hold myself. Instantly my mind was filled with anger. Put my hand on the handle and with an extreme force, I opened it. And there she was, jenny. Is she crying? Are those tears? If those are real then she’s the greatest actor ever.

Hey, jenny. What’s up? I spoke with a calmed out voice but the sarcasm spilled out a little. Did you come to hurt me more?

“I saw you today”. Said jenny. I could hear the slight sobbing in her voice. “When Sean left, you saw him leaving, didn’t you?”

“So you came to rub it on my face. Sorry, jenny you can go now. I’ll hold nothing against you”. My voice started shaking a little.

“No, please!! Don’t you understand? It was a mistake. He came over last night when I was back from the part. He ruffled me. In the morning I realized what he did to me. It’s not my fault.”

Is she telling the truth? Is it like a game to her? Telling these lies to me. If what she said was true why would he leave through the window?

“You're telling all these to rile me up, don’t you? Then why didn’t you call the police? You could’ve said he took advantage of you.”

“I am so afraid, Archie. Please be with me.”

Then it became very clear. “come inside Jenny”

The happiness in her eyes I could vividly see. I took her to my room and told her to wait. Now I’m here. Outside Sean’s house, with a Remington in my hands.

That suddenly took a turn. All my anger channeled towards exactly that moment and I shot him. He was in the trees with his dog when I shot him. On the right side of his head.

Now jenny is crying on my shoulders who don’t know what I just came back doing. What if she finds out? Eventually they always do. Wouldn’t she understand that all of what I did is for her? Now Sean is sleeping two feet under earth in a grave.

To be continued...

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