#Photography || Ornamental Plants

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Dear steemian and photography lover. Wish you are in pretty doing. Today I opened my mobile phone gallery, and picked some photos and putted them in collage, those photos are about ornamental plant, flower and others, which shot yesterday. Now I would like sharing you in this space. Here we go...




All photos taken with vivo v5, yesterday 02/22/2020, Around Lhokseumawe.

That is all from me. Hope you always having happines. See you soon.



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The flowers are magnificent. My most favorite is the white one. Very gorgeous! The butterfly is beautiful. Great shot! ;)

Thanks for stopping by @tangmo. I have not seen your post lately. Hope you always goodnews.

You're welcome! Thanks for your concern about my absence. I didn't post my articles much often as before. Thanks so much for resteem my post. I highly appreciate it. ;)