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Blessed Sunday everyone!

Last night I told you I was warching a series. But I got hooked up with the epIsodes as it gets more intense. I was able to sleep at 5am in the morning already. I still want to continue watching by then but I feel I really need to sleep or else I won't be able to do the chores. Since I sleep in the morning already I woke up late. At around 9am. Lucky my son didn't go to work, so he took care of the kids while I am asleep. When I got up, I just cleaned my room after doing my daily routine. I was lucky again because my daughter helped the kids with their modules. After lunch, did again some chores, good thing I didn't feel sleepy. I did some rearranging with my stuffs. Later in the afternoon, 5pm to be exact. We went to a nearby store to buy some groceries. Classes for the kids will resume tomorrow. Since its just nearby and the sun already set, we just decided to have a walk. My feet aches, I feel exhausted but after a while I feel a lot better. When we got home we had our dinner. Then I went upstairs and continued watching the series. When I posted my report last night I was on Episode 22 and right now I am on Episode 29..Wow..7 more episodes to go to the Final. I was so eager to finish it.

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