My Cryptocurrency Journey - A Dtube contest by @neoxian-city

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This is my entry to the dtube contest by @neoxian-city. So, obviously I'm talking about how did I get started and how I grow, what makes me stay here. Also, additionally what my brief steem journey because Steem is the first thing I started to learn about crypto.


Much Love

Who I am?
I'm a Mom of a toddler son, have a vast experience working with HR in a multinational organization. Also, I have a good knowledge of Public Administration. I'm life & nature enthusiasts, eager to learn human psychology, trying to live mindfully and a positive learner.


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No problem. I uploaded with dtube and it worked fine. But sure will wait for onelovedtube to come back.

Thanks for a great video @rem-steem, and thank you very much for sharing your inspiring crypto journey, and how you found yourself at home here on Steem and with great people on this blockchain, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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