Hello Steemit! My name is Sunny, and I am so excited to share some of the happiest moments of my life with you! That includes cooking, traveling, and finding the best crunchies to eat. I hope you enjoy!

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Hello Steemians,

My name is Sunsirai, but I go by Sunny. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada! It has been a wild ride here in Sin city, but I've made the best of it by traveling, finding new restaurants that I love, and recreating dishes at home! I am so excited to now be a part of the wonderful Steemit community, and I can't wait to start off the new year with sharing what I love most. Here's a preview of more to come below: I hope you enjoy!

Steemit welcome.jpg

Overlooking the jungle in Parque Tayrona, Colombia.

A magical place in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Machu Picchu, Peru.

Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors - The Broad in Los Angeles, California.

Making empanadas!

Eating a smoked beef rib at Micklewaite in Austin, TX!

And last but not least.. My pup Charlie looking like a stud.

There will be more posts to come in the near future.. Stay tuned.


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Awwwwwwe snap. Welcome to steemit; can't wait to read more!

Much love,

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Hey thank you so much! Can't wait to start posting more on this awesome platform. Spreading the love!

Nice photo! Welcome to steemit!

Thank you! Glad to finally be a part of the community.

You're so gorgeous welcome to steemit and to your puppy Charlie who looks amazing as well. =)

Thank you! You are gorgeous as well! I love your posts, and thank you so much for the upvote! Lots of love from Charlie and I. Thanks once again. :)

Welcome to our beautiful community here on Steemit! If you post everyday, and comment and upvote others, you will find great success!

Hello! Thank you so much for the tips. I am excited to start posting more content. The adventure begins!

Welcome.Wow @extrospect vote all of your reply.Nice to meet you.

Thank you. Nice to meet you too!

You are really very beautiful... And your Pup is really cute and looking very innocent.

Thank you! Charlie is one of the best pups i know!

He's a good dude that @extrospect.

Yup, and great content over there for sure!

Hi Sunny! Nice to meet you!! I'm Rin. I read your introduction well. I want to visit Colombia someday. I wonder how empanada's tastes LOL. Hope we can communicate a lot in the future! Can't wait for the next post. :)

Hey Rin nice to meet you as well! Colombia is so much fun. I am sure you would love it there. Once you have an authentic empanada there is no going back. Ill post the recipe soon!

Wow you post the recipe?! What a great thing! Can't wait!!
Oh hey! And I also uploaded my introducing post. Read it when you have time!

Will do!

Hola sunny la mejor comida creo que esta en peru sin duda, has comido alguna ves el famosisimo ceviche peruano o el cuy relleno sin duda, son uno de los mejores platos de peru y el mundo.

Hola! Me encanta el cuy al horno, la piel es muy crujiente. Si el ceviche es mi favorito tambien! La comida de Peru es muy deliciosa.

Welcome to steemit! What a wonderful places you have there, specially Machu Picchu. Have read some about those early inhabitants of that place, a remarkable history.

Thank you! Yes, they had amazing architectural and agricultural techniques. Its too bad the site was only inhabited for less than 100 years. Evidence tells us that the inhabitants were immigrants and brought in guinea pigs and llamas. The sights were truly amazing!

Really? I thought aliens from Niburu built that town in the top of the mountain. That is according (if my memory serve me right) from Zachariah Sitchin.
Nonetheless, keep on posting. a good post.

I would be wary of anything Sitchin wrote. He likes to think we were too stupid to build all the great things we have through the ages so "Aliens". It was built around 1450 and used techniques known to the Inca for decades. The Spanish never found the site but the estate was abandoned shortly after its creation. Most likely due to illnesses brought by the Spanish invaders.

I cannot argue with you on that, for as long as we know our history, we embody the soul of our nation.
thank you for enlightening me.

Welcome to Steemit! Remember to Post, post and post! But never forget to reply to comments! Resteemed and upvoted! Awesome to see you here.

You will find success here by posting! :)!

Thanks so much! I love all the content I can access from around the world on this amazing platform.

thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pics :) !!!!!!

Thank you more to come soon!

You just dropped a key here,
Post, post and post! But never forget to reply to comments
I this this is a great key on steemit, I'm gonna make a post about it, lol

do it! Thanks for always being there man! Hey check out my friend @grapthar, he makes great beats every day, I feel like you might like some of them! Cheers

Hello @extrospect
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Ok sir
I just followed him, I will take my time to check out all his previous beat.
Thanks man

@grapthar has awesome content!

Thanks for the comment! @extrospect is very knowledgeable about Steemit and Crypto in general.

Yeah You are right, I always check out @extropect duo he doesn't post often, I learn alot from his comments.

Hello @extropect

And welcome to steemit @mrwolf

Thank you!

Dear if you dont mind can u check my post on you @extrospect only if y dont mind then .

Welcome and share your world with us!!

Thank you! Cant wait to share more with you.

Welcome to Steemit!!

Thank you so much!

Welcome! Have a great time posting!

Thank you and will do!

Hi @mrwolf, Welcome to the steemit community

Thank you! Looking forward to learning from this awesome community.

Welcome to the steemit community

Thank you!

Welcome to steemit. Have fun. Steem on!

Thanks! Steem on my friend!

You are very well-traveled. I hope you could visit one of the Philippine's most majestic waterfall: Maria Cristina Falls. Surely I will be reading on your posts from time to time. #interesting

Thank you! I would love to travel to south east Asia especially the Philippines. Maria Cristina Falls sounds amazing! P.S. I love me some lumpia!

I'm happy you've been in the Philippines. Have you tried the Lechon? Your Philippine trip will be incomplete without eating this.

Haven't been there yet but want to go soon! I bet the lechon is great I love pork.

Please do. Hope to extend my virtual circle of friends with you.

Always glad to meet new people! This community has so much to offer and is growing every day!

I hope the community will remain like this in the future (with great developments too).

You are welcome on board,i hope you enjoy yourself here.... I'm a friend.

Thanks friend!

You are welcome.. Hope to see more of your posts.

I guess we can be here?

Going to post some recipes tomorrow. Stay tuned for the results!

I'm longing for your post. Im following you already,i dont want to miss out. Hug

Today is the day will have another post up soon!

Aiit,i would be waiting for it. I will see it when u post it for im following u already.

I mean,i hope we can be friend here.

Great intro! Welcome to Steemit :) - @splendorhub

Thank you! I am excited to start my Steemit journey.

hola Sunny que hermosa imagen de mac chupichu se ve que te gusta peru, es un muy buen lugar bien venida a steemit.

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Hola! Sí, me encantó Perú. La comida y la cultura son increíbles. Gracias!

You're so gorgeous welcome to steemit and to your puppy Charlie who looks amazing as well.

Thanks so much! Charlie is the real star of the show haha!

Its lovely to share with us here l do enjoy my eyes learn and see new things from different places your also welcome at #TANZANIA

Thank you so much!

Welcome Mr.Wolf,

beautiful pictures let me just want to be your sheep (-:

Thank you! I hope to share even more pictures from around the world and my kitchen with you!

Welcome to steemit !!
I hope you enjoy finding common issues with people and learning new things.
you can follow my blog @jangkeum and even give me upvote ...

Thank you! Im already finding so much in common with the community as a whole. Ill check out your blog for sure!

Heya Sunny💙

I just read your profile & Intro post.
You are an Interesting person to get connected to.
I just love your Lifestyle.

Feel free to reach me for any kind of help you are ever in need of.

|| Stay Connected ||

Thanks for the interest! I will be trying to post something every day. New recipe post to come soon.

Sure, I am following you.
Stay in touch.

hi sunny , great introduction , waiting for your next post :D

Hello! Thank you. Working on a recipe now. :)

connecting! :)

Connected. :)

Hi there! I'm gladly welcoming another traveller like you and also a food enthusiast like you on board to steemit! I am already looking forward of what you're going to bring us with your wonderful story on steemit. See you around soon and have a blast! :))

Thanks! Excited to see what like minded people are here on Steemit!

So sweet. ..welcome to steemit ,cant wait to read more from you.we can work together to steemit real big ....

Thank you! Sounds good ill have some new posts up soon.

Welcome fellow traveler @mrwolf :) looking forward to hearing cool stories from you :) Viva Las Vegas!

Thank you @travelmarcus! Your blog looks awesome. I will send some likes your way. :)

Me too @mrwolf :)

amazing nice post. welcome to steemit

You are beautiful. Welcome to steemit! I was actually lust in looking through your uploads.....like your dog Charlie

Love your Peru photos! I was there too! Seeing that made me happy :) Welcome to Steemit! Wish you the best!