A New Idea: Few Minute Friday

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What is Few Minute Friday?

The goal of this idea, Few Minute Friday, is simply to take a few minutes out of my day to share some of my knowledge. Each and every Friday in a YouTube video I post on my main channel then share it in a Steemit post also. I put out my first one on the 26th of December 2017 and it was met with decent response from you fine folks on Steemit as well as on YouTube for my brand new channel.

Types of Knowlege I'm Sharing

I'm a software engineer, YouTuber, new vlogger, gamer, writer, and streamer on Twitch. I want to make this series about teaching the people who have a drive to learn the aforementioned topics I'm familiar and passionate about already. I've thought of a few things I want to do already. For the first Few Minute Friday I made a video about how to create an End Screen for YouTube videos for beginners which you can find here if that's something that interests you.

More Specifically

I want to do more videos to help new YouTubers & content creators in general like how to make a good intro to your videos and where to find good non copyrighted music for your videos. Beyond that I've though about doing how to create a stream, how to create channel art, how to build a website, a guide to beginning in software engineering learning the basics of your first language, and so many more ideas.

Why am I Doing This?

I'm doing this to practice my videography skills as well as to build my following on my new YouTube channel & Steemit and also just because I find it fun to share knowledge and help people out with their goal & dreams!

Will You Help Me?

If you're interested in any of the topics above please check out my channel and drop a sub or follow me on Steemit to help me grow and reach a larger audience so I can share my knowledge with as many people as possible!

Will You Join Me?

Will you also join in on Few Minute Friday to share your knowledge with the people who want to learn? If so let me know in the comments so I can follow you if I am interested in what you want to teach people. I feel like this is a great way to share information with people who want to learn the most and I feel like it could grow quickly. You can share knowledge or something interesting from your life. The goal I set for myself was less than a 10 minute video or read. I'm hoping to one day have fewminutefriday as a main tag on Steemit!

What Would You Guys Like to Know From Me?

I'm asking for your input for ideas and topics you think would be interesting. I have a lot of ideas but I always like asking for others opinions as people think differently than I do.

If you want to check my channel & social:

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I would love that! As I also want to start providing content over YouTube

I feel like it's a very good idea. The ability to make a video possibly at 4k resolution and post it on Steemit as well as on YouTube increases the probability that it's seen but also increases the profitability of that video. Steemit is much more lucrative for people starting out than YouTube. My first Few Minute Friday video on youtube made $0.00 where as on here it made a little bit over $60.

Wow, thats a big difference!

I see you are doing great now, both on Steemit, youtube and dtube! getting some followers and subs. Great work, keep it up!

Just posted my first introduceyourself post here on Steemit, would be great if you just did check it out :)

I will have a look at it right now! You should join in on few minute Friday. It might help you establish yourself on here also! :)

Hmm not a bad idea... I can try to do a few minute Friday post on this friday, and see how it goes :D Are you planing to do this every friday?

That's the goal is to do them every Friday. I'm planning on doing them via YouTube videos but I will probably do articles also. I feel like consistency is key on both YouTube & Steemit; which is why I decided to start doing them.

Clever idea to create consistent content! I will start preparing a post, til friday, tomorrow ;)
Soon I will start making videos myself :D

Awesome man! what are your videos going to be about?

Love the initiative brother, and also big ups for the format and structure of your idea.

Being a software engineer, youtuber, writer, vlogger, self-development & fitness coach myself I feel the connection to you as well haha, good vibes 🙏🏼

Feel free to check out my channel and hit me up if you see any collaboration opportunities, otherwise just keep it up and I'll see you around!💯

Thanks so much for the support. It really means a lot to me. That's awesome you do so many of the things that I do also!. I'll check out your blog for sure man! <3

Nice man, resteemed.

Thank you very much! <3

What a great idea I love seeing people collaborate instead of competing. And this is an amazing example. Hopefully this will inspire many people so keep up the great work