CO2Fund Project - Progress Update / How to Support CO2Fund

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CO2Fund Support

There are now two possibilities to support the CO2Fund:

  • Support by Membership
  • Support by Steemians

Support by a Simplex World Society Membership

Conditions have been defined how to support the CO2Fund by joining the association Simplex World Society. Mainly this will be interesting for companies and non-steemians.
This post has been done by account @simplex-world because a membership is with Simplex World Society and membership fees to support CO2Fund are made to the Simplex World Society.


How to join Simplex World Society and support the CO2Fund

Direct Support by Steemians

Of course, we, at home on the Steem blockchain, can support the CO2Fund directly by transferring CO2 Compensation Coins (Symbol: COCO) to @co2fund. A step by step guide was already published.

Next Step

An attractive reward system is set up to reward steemians for recruiting members (companies) who support Simplex World Society's CO2Fund.

Thank you all for supporting CO2Fund

Further information
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EXCELLENT! I am a little behind on this news, but this is HUGE! I love that the companies can get some COCO tokens too to participate and really see this as an investment in a better future!

I for one will want to be promoting this world wide, how can companies in US or Latin America participate best?

Hello @ecoinstar Yes, that's the plan. And of course world wide. Companies need to get their Simplex World Society ID just by using the contact form.
I'm currently working on a concept that will reward steemians who convonce companies to support CO2Fund. The payment methods for the membership fee was described here....
I know it's not cheap to transfer FIAT money between different regions like US, Latin America, Asia and the EU. Because of the costs paying a quarterly or yearly membership fee (that then will be used in monthly portions) might be better.