Cultivate a Continuous Attitude of Gratitude

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Cultivate a continuous attitude of gratitude is a powerful habit you can practice to make your life a happier place. When you experience good things, you will be more grateful for them, and this attitude will last, even if you have a bad day. Here are some ways to cultivate this attitude:

Count your blessings
Researchers have found that a constant mindset of gratitude can lead to an improved health and a sense of well-being. A study conducted by psychologist Dr. Emmons showed that those who cultivated an attitude of gratitude decreased their levels of the stress hormone cortisol by 23% and had improved heart rate variability patterns. This result suggests that the use of gratitude has health benefits, and can even help reduce the symptoms of stress and improve your mood.

Count your thankfulness
Practicing gratitude starts with the decision. Simply waking up one morning and saying, 'I'm thankful for a good night's sleep,' will probably not improve your attitude. Whether you develop an attitude of gratitude is dependent on the sincerity of your thanks. This article will provide some tips for cultivating a continuous attitude of gratitude. It will also help you to become more aware of the little things that make your life worth living.

Count your thanks
The Apostle Paul's writings on gratefulness focus on the importance of expressing thankfulness in all situations. In several of his letters to churches in Asia, he emphasizes the importance of thanksgiving. Paul instructs the Thessalonians to rejoice in all things and to give thanks in all circumstances. He also counsels us to pray. Counting our thanks is an effective way to cultivate a continuous attitude of gratitude.

Count your thanks for a kind word
There is a difference between being grateful and being thankful. When you're grateful for something, you're more likely to experience an environment of benevolence and social support. Both are good for your health. They are also a way to fight off insecurity and materialism. Counting your thanks for a kind word has many benefits.

Count your thanks for a generous gift
It's customary to include a warm closing at the end of a note when thanking someone for a generous gift. But that doesn't mean you should use "Sincerely" or any other formal phrase. Other good alternatives include "Warmly", "Love and thanks", "XOXO", and "With gratitude."

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