Nixiee's Upvote system is once a day. (Based on UTC+03:00 (TRT)

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Many people have inquired about Upvote time on nixiee.
Nixiee is a service that provides Upvote once a day.
This means that the 24-hour timer is running at (UTC+03:00 (TRT)).
You can get an upvote by writing a Posting at any time once a day based on the bot's 24-hour timer (UTC+03:00 (TRT)).

Below are some examples.
(Based on UTC+03:00 (TRT)
February 24, 2023 23:00 / User writes Post
February 25, 2023 01:00 / User creates a new Post

In this case, the user wrote a new post two hours after writing the first post.
Will Nixiee Upvote both posts?
In conclusion, Nixiee provides upvotes for both postings.

The reason why both posts get upvoted is the bot's running time.
The Nixiee bot initializes Upvote data at 00:00 (UTC+03:00 (TRT)).
Users are made to post at any time, every day for 24 hours based on the working hours of the Nixiee bot.
There is no reason to wait 24 hours any longer.


We added CountDown to make this system more understandable.
Users receive one upvote whenever they post based on the 24-hour CountDown timer.

Nixiee does not provide upvotes every 24 hours after writing a post.
The problem in this case is:

February 24, 2023 23:00 / User writes Post
February 25, 2023 22:55 / User creates a new Post

If the bot runs every 24 hours, new posts made by this user on the 25th will not receive upvotes.

This user must make a new post after 24 hours to receive a new upvote.
What if this repeats itself?
This user may experience a date when they do not receive an Upvote and experience financial loss.
Also, it would be very difficult and inconvenient to calculate this time each time, since a new post has to be made every day after 24 hours.

Therefore, Nixiee is to operate the bot based on (UTC+03:00 (TRT)) to remove this inconvenient system.

If you don't know when to Post today, visit Nixiee's official site and check CountDown :)

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