Huanglian Capsule - Huanglian element

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Huanglian Capsule - Huanglian element

This is a medicinal material, a natural plant that is directly taken, and has a medicinal effect. The ingredient that produces this medicinal effect is called Huanglian element, as described below.

Related information:
About 500 mg per capsule, containing 500 mg of Coptidis Rhizoma, the price per 100 capsules is about 0.45~0.66 USD.
The location of the purchase, all major pharmacies are have sold.
I ran all over the nearby pharmacies, they all have sold it, the price is as shown above, but they sold it at least 100 tablets at a time.
If you are in the Chinese pharmacy, you can buy Huanglian + Small machine of Ground into powder + empty capsules yourself,
you can grind it yourself,
you can also buy berberine to eat raw, very bitter, if you are not afraid of suffering.

Efficacy, precautions, recommendations:
down fire-gas, detoxification, heat, dampness.
I bought this to eat , is because I have a lot fire-gas (bad breath).
The dosage instructions are taken twice a day, two tablets each time.
But I take it once a day, one tablet at a time.
A friend said that taking too much will defeat the stomach. He only eats one capsule after dinner every day, so I eat it like this.
my friend has eaten, introduce it to me.
The Chinese medicine doctor said that Huanglian not be taken on an empty stomach.
It should be taken between 0.5 and 1 hour after a meal, and it should not be excessive.
if you taken too much, your body will become a yin fire (virtual fire),
You will Physique or defeated stomach. (I ask a number of Chinese medicine practitioners)
Therefore, people who are smoldering (virtual fire) should not take this medicine.
Characteristics of yin (virtual fire) physique: the hands and feet are relatively cold, such as the tongue has spots, etc.
the judgment of the physical condition of the yang fire and the virtual fire, what is said here, for reference only, you have to see the Chinese medicine practitioner, this physical Judging is hard to say.

Are there other alternatives:
The brand I bought is Dihong Huanglian Capsule.
I asked a number of Chinese medicine practitioners who said that it was made from the natural plant "Coptis".
Capsules are because berberine is very bitter. I have eaten coptis directly. I can't stand the bitterness. Huanglian capsule is swallowed in the stomach and I can't feel his bitterness.
The Chinese medicine doctor said that if it is "Huanglian Capsule", because everyone does not add any other ingredients, no matter which pharmaceutical factory produces, no matter which brand, the effect is the same.
Some Huanglian capsules have other ingredients added, and the effect will be different, such as licorice huanglian capsule, berberine bitter gourd pearl capsule, and even seed capsule (addition of Philippine seed, cassia seed and Wuwei seed, etc.)...

My opinion:
In down fire-gas, detoxification, and clearing heat, it is effective.
My fire-gas is very bad (bad breath), and I often have acne. After taking huanglian capsule for 8 months, I have no longer acne, my fire-gas is getting smaller, my body is not easy to get hot.
about dampness sick, I don't have dampness sick.

The image is referenced from (此圖引用自) ""

The image is referenced from (此圖引用自) ""





我问过数位中医师,他们说这是用天然的植物 “黄连” 所研磨制成的。
中医师说,如果是 “黄连胶囊”,因为大家都没有添加其他的任何的成分,那不管是哪家药厂所生产,不管是哪个品牌,功效都是一样的。



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For me it's better to take natural vitamins by eating food

For me it's better to take natural vitamins by eating food

It is a pity that I can't find it in my country.

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