Peter Schiff lost his Bitcoins: SHOW ME YOUR MEMES!

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You've probably seen the recent shitstorm around the known Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency sceptic, Peter Schiff.

If not, here is the tweet that started it all:


Seemingly Peter Schiff lost access to his Bitcoins, due to a malfunctioning wallet.

Whether it's actually the apps fault or simply human error and he's just trying to push his anti-bitcoin agenda forward, who knows. But luckily, it wasn't too much:


Personally, I couldn't care less about what Mr. Schiff thinks around Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. (no disrespect)

It's not perfect and clearly not that easy to handle, but that's what makes new technology, especially one where you're in charge & have full control over your own assets. Which obviously brings risks.

This does not mean, that anybody should lose their Bitcoins because of mistakes. No!

Rather, passphrases are an important part of the security aspect of cryptocurrency wallets. And if a person does not want a 3rd party to own said passphrase, then said person is responsible for making sure it's safely stored.

I don't think Mr Schiff would just leave his gold bars lying around. They've obviously been locked away and if someone would lose access to it, they probably could still be recovered by force. This makes cryptocurrencies actually even more secure in comparison!

With time, these risks will become smaller and smaller, just take a look at how the internet looked like 30 years ago, compared to now:

Fun, right? Anyway...


I thought it would be fun to create memes around it. So here's mine:


Here's a great meme-generator:, you can, of course, use your own favourite.

Afterwards, link them here in the comments, so I (and hopefully others) can reward them!

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Which one's best?


identify yourself.png

too long.png

white people.png

you ritard.png

you think this is funny.jpg

you took everything from me.jpg

lol these are good

What's the name of the show of the meme to the left?

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Not sure which one you mean. The one where that guy says "Bitcoin"? That's Drake and Josh

memes make the world go round, sorry pete ;^)


Not really a meme but a subtle jab at it in a tweet.


It's intended to point out the absurdity of the expectation that having a dat file+ passphrase somehow vindicates the user from saving their seed words.

I make a faux promotion of a crypto in which you don't need to remember any pesky seed words but something more easy.

Just put in your social, date of birth and credit card information and you're all set! (Maybe social + dob would make more "sense")

(The subtext being malware to obtain PII for identify theft - a bit of a hyperbolic indictment of people willing to forsake data security for convenience)


Idk I thought it was clever but the subtle type of humor may be for a niche taste.

i am pretty sure, Schiff carries around ALL his gold and silver all the time so he always has access to it ;D

That's the only way to be safe.

especially when you have to pass through airport security


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He probably just laundered it and is feigning a sob story, to as you said, push his agenda. But at the end of the day I think he's either a) reckless and stupid and/or b) laundered it and is painting a false story.

I lost all mine too....


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This video about the INTERNET is insane!!!!
Thanks for that jewel.

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This news is one of the strangest cases, it seems to me that somebody want get just attention.

First thing if I can ask from this man, I go ask... "How is BTC or other coins here guilty?"



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How much BTC did Schiff burn? 😂

he just a idiot he knows what his doing

Thank you

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