Marsh land and scattered mountain forest.

in photography •  4 months ago 

In the beginning of a winter.

This years winter is a bit strange and unusual so far no snow. only app in tiger landscape. Pictures from a little walk earlier this winter. the snow situation is pretty much the same now.





Hunter mans scelter a bit inwards in the mountain.





A small mountain hike in the north, a cold day with frozen lakes.


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Attractive man who is grateful but has a share of value

Nice walk! The scenery is very beautiful. The mountains covering with snow look magnificent. The forest is amazing with wonderful trees. The lake looks refreshing and the reflection is gorgeous. Great capture! ;)

Thank's @tangmo for pleasant comment.

My pleasure! ;)

Nice photo!! :)

Thank1s @ravenkim for comment.

Great work!
Love your photography.

Steeming India Community

Thank's @ghostfacer99 for comment.

Good to see you back!

Thank's @chorock.

Actually it looks like spring, maybe because of the sun and blue sky, also there are still some green trees to see. Hope you are having nice white winter :)