Robinia bridges the STEEM and Binance Blockchains!

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Robinia has created a bridge from the STEEM and Binance Blockchains

If you have been involved in defi at all over the last year or two, you likely have heard of the binance blockchain, or better known as BSC.

It has become the go to blockchain for all things defi.

Well, with Robinia , they have now bridged the STEEM and BSC ecosystems.

Check it out:



You simply connect your metamask wallet (on BSC) to Robinia and you are all setup.

They have a tab labeled bridge on the left side of the page above there where you can send steem and have it show up as bsteem in your meta wallet.

Once you get setup on Robinia you can also swap your earnings there for bsteem and go ahead and send it back to your wallet using the bridge as well.

It's a great addition to the STEEM ecosystem and I for one am taking advantage by delegating a good chunk of my steem power to Robinia where I seeing the best returns offered in all of STEEM defi.

Give it a try for yourself!

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very nice It's a great addition to the STEEM

It's worth a try
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