Robinia has burned almost 20k RBS tokens in the last 2 days alone

in robinia •  2 months ago 

Robinia continues to buy and burn tokens at a high rate...

Curious how many tokens Robinia has burned recently?

Be curious no longer!

They do updates a couple times per week on their token burn activities on their @robinia blog here on

Here's the list:



As you can see, they burned roughly 19k RBS tokens in the last 2 days alone.

I suspect that number will go up over the coming weeks as well as more and more curation is earned from the STEEM delegation farm.

Especially with the price of STEEM doing very well compared to the rest of the crypto markets.

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I have been thinking of delegating my Steem Power to Robinia and still doing a bit of research.

I have delegated a chunk and plan on doing some more...

But the return has now dropped drastically for delegation of Steem Power. I have delegated to upvu and now looking for another alternative as I am withdrawing from NPUT.

You receive both an upvote and RBS tokens. Combined those two things are worth more than UPVU as well as any other defi project. Over the coming weeks as more steem gets earned from curation the price of RBS is likely to go up, which will push the apy up on the RBS portion of your earnings. This thing is just getting started likely to show even better returns over the coming weeks as the price of RBS goes up.

Great, keep us updated. Show us the tricks, so the rest of the community can easily earn more coins. Personally, my mission is to increase my portfolio on the truly non-custodial wallet from, which supports multi-coins with it's user friendly interface.

You give robinia a try?