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Hey gamers!
Recently I started to involve myself in playing Splinterlands. The relentless news and updates for the game gave me curiosity so, why not start? And I must say, it is really fun. Specially the Market makes me a quiet observant.

Do you find yourself in the position to open packs, orbs, potions? I have never been interested in pack openings. But since it's on steem I gave it a shot. Quiet frankly it doesn't trigger me. As I have thought. Too bad because this could be kind of a drill!

So far I have bought 3 Untamed Packs on Steem-engine. Discount rules!

Immediate rewards with a legendary card. Isn't that nice?

And here are the other two:

Boring! value of .33$

Also did I buy some other things to open.
Actually this one legendary that I got made me increase in ranking way more than anything else. And now I am in the need of Summoners and the best way to get them is trough the market. That's what I will do!
By the way, if anyone is interested, you can analyze pack openings on

On which market do you prefer trading your cards?

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