Don't let the Sun, go down on me

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Well first of all, be there or clearly don't give a shit about all you've stolen/shit-posted/worked for, for the past 4 years.

There will also be a postmortem, likely on MSP waves, following the AMA which I think also will be worth attending.

Just in case you have been locked up in a sauna with everyone else who sold out at the beginning of 2018:

Shrewd, cause:

Steemit is offering a Reddit-alike service built on top of the Steem blockchain. As one of the largest DApps cross all the blockchains, Steemit also claims a thriving community of its own due to a growing number of DApps developed on the Steem blockchain with over 1 million users.

Remember when talks were underway to fork out the largest stakeholder?

The lack of discussion with top witnesses who are as surprised as the 50 SP account holder on this one spells revenge to me.

Fuck it though, look at the token price.


stay #stron g

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Okay! Today is a day for emotion. I understand the emotion is running high at the moment. It is okay to be emotional. Right now the limited information we see many of us are skeptical at best, ballistic at worst, and that's totally cool. My concern and take on this is simple:

  1. We are people; a social network is nothing without people
  2. Nothing is known clearly from steem blockchain at this point, all the news is about steemit and its 6 employees, please keep that in perspective (I know you are, but it helps repeating)
  3. No matter what happens the friends and engagement we made here will be forever
  4. If there is a blockchain that is needed, there will be a blockchain for us

I have been through multiple corporate mergers and acquisitions, and at this point in time even the parties doing the M&A don't have any clue on what will be the future impact, so just remember that there is "no wise old man/woman" here. Cheers!

It is an emotional day, and I think we are ok to give some of that.

The hours, which are days and weeks combined put into making this place fun, engaging, etc have been many for some.

Thank you for the reassuring words, multiple mergers and acquisitions have clearly had a good/wise influence on you :)


Your post is bang on. They sold out and shit on the users who had no choice. So much for decentralisation and community.

I have been through multiple corporate mergers and acquisitions, and at this point in time even the parties doing the M&A don't have any clue on what will be the future impact, so just remember that there is "no wise old man/woman" here.

That's old world, Steem is supposed to be new world!

I don't take it personally and may have done the same myself if i'd taken half the shit he has.

I stuck a post out at the time of the 'fork out steemit stake' backing the fact that it was farcical. It was mostly silent (-10% out to utopian, dlive, dtube, etc).

I'd like to be way out but I suspect whatever has been bought will not be so inactive.

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hey check out my post to understand what STEEM TRX could look like from my perspective being someone who works with newdex getting STEEMp listed. Well, EOS STEEMP is how TRX steemp will work, except it will be on ( i also have a bounty for steem on scatter so we can have )

its almost like this was all done to consolidate, like defense contractors were told to buy each other up in the 1990s lockheed martin etc, now we have SteemiTron the transformer lol

Just dance with Justin Sun

Steem will be forked if it must, steem classic, it wont come to that, but we should have many chains, like eosio... thats what SCOt is... tahst what SMts are ... main net SCOt tokens.... that way STEEM can be like EOSIo...... and EOSIO has EOS Telos Lynx WAX.,.... well STEEM will have LEO NEOXIAN APX SAND and scot tokens already have EOS and TLOS smart contracts I got created lol its like i am SO ready for the world. Ill be on the toilet shitting out more gold if you need me, its what my people do, we design greatness, and now we have the FAANG American companies, its the CIA NSA its showing its true colors, now, we conquer China with information technology lo imagine a cyber warfare office getting annihilated with a few bitcoins worth of upvote bribes lol.

This is an information war soi lets have fun

I heard Alex Jones is going to now start a new EOSIO or STeem and maybe a lil sprinkle of TRX based social media dapp. Im not kidding.... what do you think dtube threespeak steem are all getting ready for? Global Information War, with predetermined rules, a geneva convention ... we will have global governance blockchain and freedom of speech and private property will be the core kernal

steem is the freedom chain now and it will get Trump style right wing backing sooner or later. Alex Jones DID go to Steemit inc HQ and met with ned and everyone even had mexican food with them in Austin Texas. Alex Jones KNOWS he has to use steem, hes working on a dapp, its happening, infowars will bring us a garunteed stream of advertisers, investors, listeners, users, forever, FOR EVER . JOE ROGAN NED SCOTT ALEX JONES Info DAPP

Thats it ,,, steem would forever have use case to serve the Infowars RussiaToday Max Kaiser Southfront Global News Network @newsdac and Steem goes back to its all time BTC high of 0.000666 BTC or over $66 USD and steem is really work facebooks marketcap half a

and I have even reserved a domain and created a discord and scot token INFOWARS to prepare to make it as easy as possible for alex to see how it could work, he would be given 1005 control of the keys to @infowarslife whenever he contacts me 619 500 3748 and im already past the point of dreaming lol i leave this comment here more liek a newspaper personals ad for freedom, my inner wildfire of freedom has been started, has yours?

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Sun can go down on me any day he likes!

hahaha :D


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@ned was treated like a piece of toilet paper on here for the past little while when he was active, somehow I'm not surprised - is that what you mean by "The lack of discussion with top witnesses who are as surprised as the 50 SP account holder on this one spells revenge to me."?

This is too true. When the TOS came out I reached out to Steemit regarding some issues I had with it. Eventually @ned got back to me, and I was forthright with him regarding some issues. He assured me that before a certain event took place, my issues would be addressed.

Long after I gave up, he did address those issues satisfactorily. While it took a long time (Stinc is famous for that) @ned kept his literal word to me, and I cannot fault him for that.

Justin offered him a payday and a way out of this mess, and I'm not surprised he took it.

Yeah, Stinc and @ned have their shortcomings, everybody does, but people on the internet are just a "tad" too harsh sometimes, IMHO; It's often forget there is a person on the other side of the line, either that or the distance and/or anonymity makes them care even less than they already do. I guess we'll be finding what happens to this whole ecosystem within the coming days.

To be honest I'd be happy if anyone went down on me.

That's the smartest thing I have to say about any of this.


Mic drop :D :D


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All class.

I'm super worried man... I'm Steemitri and I was born on Steemit, which name should I use on the TRON blockchain?!?!?
Ciao ciao
The Mannequin


Hmm, worrying for the name, but the legend shall live on!

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be there or clearly don't give a shit about all you've stolen/shit-posted/worked for, for the past 4 years.

Yeah, I’m sure they will be answering the tough questions lol.

It will be a shill fest.. I’m sure some of our most famous steemians will be there to make it hurt less.. their shilling is already Tron level anyways.

The Tron social network will be successful, it won’t be decentralized.. censorship resistant or much else, but it will be successful .. content creators will be fine.

All that STEEM we have been hodling.. meh.. probably not.

You will be there Justine, I just know it :P

Tomorrow? No.. actually a busy day for me and the last thing I want to hear is Justin shill and Ned mumble about how great this is.

Be sure to update me with the key points though! ❤️

I will write the key points all over my abs and send you a photo.

Wahooo 🙌🏼

Justin loves me yes I know, ...

Don't worry... That's what was missing long, long time... PROMOTIONS.... The Tron guys are specialists on it... Can't be better for Steem...

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*be good for Tron

And yes, you will be very happy there

This is the potential upside. Steemit inc and the community have failed at promoting Steem imo, lets see what a ray of sunshine and a fat wallet can do.

But he won’t be promoting STEEM 😂 wby does no one get this?

sTron(g) tokens?

"...their shilling is already Tron level anyways."

I'm stunned...STUNNED...that you could say that.

I always thought you were on their side. You could knock me over with a feather right now.

Glad to hear it.

Good Lord, does this mean I'll be forced to sign into TronLink via Chrome to use Steemit? I think I need Gravol...

Gravol or alcohol

While I have nothing against Tron, per se, I'm not a fan of being forced to use Chrome, which is enough of a reality as it is in the blockchain world... :P

I do not think it has come to that level. may be if you're signing into

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Chrome? I'm out. Not gonna install that bug on my box.

TY for the headsup.

Pump my shit coins please! 😂

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I'm happy for the quick call y @aggroed. Steem is much more bigger than Steemit.

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Like everyone else, I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. Obviously I have been holding steem, maybe not so active in the community as I was, but I am using steem to grow my business. Im probably more concerned about the business side and what I will or will not have to tell my users.

On the up side, a drop to tron holders....well thats me then. Maybe I wont need that €1500 to catch up with you @abh12345

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Steem is sadly crashing and burning in the long run, the short term has steem running on all cylinders just for the engine to explode. The price collapse will be glorious soon. Watch for the opportunity to sell.

Potentially Luis. But with 250 SP it's unlikely you give a shite? :)

I only have 642 and I still give a shit, my man. The size of one's wallet shouldnt dismiss someone's opinion.

You are right.

Whales like to think otherwise.. they think the amount of SP means more than the actual time a person has devoted to the community. Lots of whales have downvoted me for bringing up some concerns about how the chain is going and they just started an account a year ago or two years ago.

I've been with the chain since 2016 like you, had many concerns, been through the days of Steem valued above 4$... Its heyday... It's less about me "not giving a shit" and more about an "I told you so"...

Steemit didn't want to listen to their users, Ned brought no real advancements to the Steemit website (which should have been priority, because average users won't go actively looking for different dapps), and now the minimum $0.02 to earn rewards and the massive amounts of downvoting bots are destroying the entire blockchain. I've brought my concerns about how this entire flawed system primarily benefits whales and allows them to manipulate the chain in ways that definitely leads to toxicity on the entire platform... They refused to listen and instead doubled down on giving more power to whales.

I could care more about it, but it's not really worth it at this point, now is it?

They don't care, so we shouldn't either.

I've stopped promoting Steem on my YouTube channel, my Instagram, Facebook, etc... I've primarily stuck with now due to all of these backwards "advancements" to the chain.


This isn't the same Steem anymore and its getting worse, not better.

Agro's already posted about the witness forum following.

Excellent. Tomorrow will be very interesting, I'm glad I've got no date and no reason to go outside :P

I'm still trying to figure out that first sentence but aye, you have the right of it I think!

plenty of fors and 4's, but ye be not to far from Forfar so you must be down with the lingo sir?!

Haar!! Aye, be plenty near forfar, we don't talk to them beggars though. It's on the east and there is nothing a Scotsman hates more than an East coaster!

Lol. So much Tron talk tonight!!

"be there or clearly"

Ha, I was reading it wrong!

I checked it and think even after 5 sTRONg beers it makes sense?!

It's me!! I just couldn't seem to read it right for some reason!!!!

You need to get your face out of the Valentines muffage and get a beer sir!

Lol. I was doing a shit bedtime and only just noticed the sTRONg beers!! Lol

  ·  10 days ago (edited)

We all be beggars after this pump, or will we?

I think we will be beggars!! Damn, I hodled so long!


Doesn't seem to be working....

it is going to be one very fun interesting weekend. I'll of course have to wait til someone pirate streams the Dlive event on to 3speak or dtube or even you tube, I may actually fire discord up tomorrow to listen to aggroed's followup show. Sure looks like interesting times. I wonder if this is the secret project that @ned was working on last year and only ever mentioned in that one post. maybe I'll go look at it again, maybe not.

I do so love good speculation drama. Just think it is possible soon that we will know if the top 20 witnesses were bought and paid for or not.

I think that was named "Destiny" which never came forth.

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Sun, someone going down on me, sauna. Wait, what is this about? Sounds great!

And he's a millionaire too!

What more could a girl want!?

He is Asian though so might be lacking on one crucial department, if I am to believe the internet.


I wouldn't believe the Internets but cannot advise either way!

Don't let the Sun, go down on me

was expecting to see this:

Gonna be an interesting week!

I had nsfw lined up but went with information over blowjobs :)

  ·  10 days ago (edited)

@eveuncovered has a TR(_ ! _)N-themed post coming.

Eve will be fine, she looks good doused in Sun :)


Allegedly, I should add :)

Snuck that in there fast...

I am lightning, which is not always ideal :)


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old steem

new steem

looks both for me bad.,,

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Yeah where's my owner who is drinking beer during podcasts?

Here this guy looks like a leader. He founds this new smart way drinking beer :D

Seems easier to just pour it in your mouth?

that's the challenging way

Its an interesting time....

Buy more STEEM for MOON or Sell current STEEM before the drop??

Flip a coin folks ..... :)

interesting news. people called tron shitcoin

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Hey, you edited! I saw Niger and assumed you were asking for directions.

I honestly don't get how this is supposed to be funny.

Welcome to the club. I offered a flag, it's what we Brits tend to do.

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Well why not. 2 years down down and down and then fat wallet arrives. No clue what will happen but i'm excited for the excitement :)

  ·  10 days ago (edited)Reveal Comment

I think it is really interesting, I do think some have more to lose than others though

That's about where I am too, having bought and collected around 35k this past year.

The sun hasn't gone down yet, still hopeful here :)

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Yes, very true. A partnership where Steem brings the people (ahem), and Tron brings the cash. Not knowing just how fat Justin's wallet is, this seems like a good deal to me.

Hell, I set up my first network before DOS was a thing.

I don't even care about the money, personally. My issues are decentralization, censorship resistance, and anonymity. It's looking pretty bad for 2 of 3, and Imma stick with SteemGoldCash, or whatever they rename the fork to - as long as it meets those standards.