Steem experiment: Burn post #582

in steem •  10 days ago 

Burn post for February 14.

All rewards received by @burnpost are eventually burned. More info.

To provide additional support, vote for the @burnpost comment(s) below.

Later votes and spreading votes across the comments reduce Trending, which some community members prefer.

As of #573, beneficiary of @null is suspended since rewards may be paid in SBD which may be used to buy STEEM (for eventual burning) instead of immediately burned. See rules above.

To view proof of burn, visit

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Hi Sir Please donate me a little :) best regards

Hi Sir Please donate me a little :) best regards

  ·  10 days ago Reveal Comment

Hi Sir Please donate me a little :) best regards

@smooth I think there's a problem with whole ecosystem right now.

Maybe you can elaborate?

Sorry, it was an emotional reply made minutes after finding out about Tron's leader actions and ideas on steem. The problem laid in de facto centralisation of decentralised ecosystem. Your struggle for retaining steem value might have and still might become futile. Because the big player decided to buy himself users, luring them with better (because funded by him) returns.

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  ·  10 days ago Reveal Comment