A look at the SP Delegation Services on Steemit/STEEM...

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Hint: Upex gives the largest upvotes...

With the arrival of a new upvote delegation service yesterday on Steemit, it's time to review some of the more established ones and see how they stack up against the new kid in town.

By the way, the announcement from the new service can be seen here:



Here's a comparison of vote values between the more established services...

  • UPVU - 13.7x vote value

  • Robiniaswap - 11.04x vote value

  • Peanut - 8.02x vote value

  • Tipu - 0x vote value

And here's the vote value of the newly launched @upex delegation service...

  • Upex - 20x vote value

There are some caveats to the above numbers though in terms of total ROI...

Upvu also pays liquid steem, robiniaswap also has some follow accounts, peanut also pays a liquid token, and tipu pays only in liquid steem. All of which add to the total ROI of the service.

However, when we are talking strictly about a service that rewards its users with the largest upvotes, @upex comes out as one of the best, if not the best, on steemit.

Also, there are some other delegation services on steem that are not covered in the scope of this post.

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You missed our SP-based delegation service.😁

Delegation Amount(SP)Weekly Steem RewardsDaily Voting Percentage
2000034.065% or More
  • I've included the approximate weekly delegation rewards + daily votes as above.(You can check recent delegation rewards from the weekly reports)
  • Total Effective Sp Amount: 265,233.10 SP

Sorry about that, I mentioned in the post that this was not an exhaustive list of every sp delegation service on steemit. :) What kind of upvote multiples does the above result in? Total ROI?

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.


Thanks for letting me know. Resteemed.

hello, your content is great, I love it

When considering the ROI , Nutbox.mine is more profitable for ranges between 25k - 100k and @justyy is more profitable around 5000 SP with his conditions

  ·  3 days ago 

thanks... @justyy has no plans of powerdown in the short term, so expecting his Effective Steem Power will be growing and growing... You know what to expect :)

  ·  3 days ago (edited)

Yes I did mention that the above was just upvote values and the total ROI may be different when factoring in other conditions. I will have to check justyy again, last I had checked it was paying around 18x with the size of my delegation, to get more you had to proxy witness votes.