It's finally Altseason - STEEM is about ready to rock and roll!

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The Altseason Calendar is officially flashing Altseason, finally!

It's been a long time coming for altcoin investors going back to the 2017 bull market, over 3 years to be exact.

But the next major altcoin season is finally here.

The calendar usually works something like this:

  • Bitcoin moves first

  • The blue chip altcoins move next

  • The midcaps follow

  • Finally the small caps take off

I think we have checked the first 2-3 boxes thus far.

We are likely in the 3rd or 4th wave of the cycle.

The small caps exploding is what comes next, this likely includes STEEM...

It's time for the STEEM to take off

STEEM has yet to take out the old all time highs while many of the coins ahead of it on coinmarketcap have done just that.

Many have created a giant cup and handle pattern, and are now at the old all time highs or past it.

STEEM's time is coming...



Based on what we are seeing, STEEM should hit the old all time highs in the near future and possibly blow past them.

It's odd to think STEEM could go that high, but there are tons of projects flying right now with very little activity or use case, but that doesn't seem to matter.

So, if they are running everything up, no reason STEEM can't go too.

The price action we are seeing currently is encouraging and the fact SBDs are holding up high is a good sign as well.

Fearless forecast?

STEEM hits $10 before this year ends, possibly by the end of July.

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If only people knew that you an earn over 40% yield on Steem, without it leaving your account! I love Steem delegation, the Steem stays in your possession! What other crypto an boast that!
Steem to $10!

It's actually a lot higher than that if you delegate it to the right place... ;)

Would you please share that with us?

Well if you look around there are several delegation services that get you north of 40% roi...

Steem going up. Hive going down. I don't know what caused this movement.

Yea, pretty ironic isn't it. Those HIVE guys bashed STEEM pretty hard and said it would die etc, yet here we are with STEEM double the price of HIVE, go figure.

The best comment of the year!🧐

Thank You for sharing Your crypto insights...