Some changes I think would be hugely beneficial for and STEEM

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There are couple changes we could make on and STEEM that I think would make a big difference

I've been thinking of a couple moves we could make on STEEM that might potentially make a big difference going forward.

Here they are, in no particular order...



1. I'd like to see an internal market for STEEM/TRX in our wallets similar to STEEM/SBD

There is an internal market for STEEM/SBD, why don't we also have one for STEEM/TRX?

With the ability to also earn TRX for posting and voting, it only makes sense to also have a way to seamlessly go between STEEM and TRX without having to go to outside exchanges.

I think it ultimately would encourage more commingling of the Tron and STEEM communities/ecosystems which would ultimately benefit both of them.

2. I'd like to see a STEEM Defi ecosystem created

This one is a bit more ambitious but one I think would pay off big time!

We could set up some defi liquidity pools with STEEM/TRX STEEM/BTC STEEM/ETH etc for example, and then we could setup some farms that use these pools and pay out STEEM as a reward and call it STEEM Finance.

So, for example we could have a STEEM/TRX farm that pays STEEM rewards out to liquidity providers staked in the farm.

Where do the STEEM rewards come from?

This is the part that is up for debate, but I would suggest simply pulling some of the current STEEM inflation from somewhere else, for example pull the inflation that is currently going to the STEEM DAO (preferred) or some from the Author reward pool, or even some from the witnesses, or some combination etc.

The idea is that the overall STEEM inflation rate does't change, but the STEEM Defi ecosystem pays farming rewards in STEEM and STEEM is the base pair for all pairs on STEEM Finance.

I think this could potentially attract a ton of new investors to STEEM and drive users to and plus it would help move some of the investors out of the content arena and allow them to earn on their investments without having to muddy the content arena, something I know the social users would appreciate.

Defi is all the rage right now and there is no reason that STEEM Finance can't capitalize on this as well. It's been needed for a long time and something I think would put STEEM back on the first page of and back on the map in the minds of crypto investors.

3. I'd like to see Justin Sun posting on first and then pasting those posts on his Twitter/Medium etc...

Justin Sun and co bought yet they don't use it. There is a very simple way that they could drive a ton of traffic to and to steem without spending a bunch of money on advertising.

Justin Sun is a highly followed figure in the crypto ecosystem and him simply posting his thoughts/ideas/announcements on first and then pasting those on Twitter would likely drive a ton of traffic to and STEEM.

He owns it, why not start using it?!

Seems like an easy change to make that may make a major difference.

4. I'd like to see STEEM listed on Justswap and Pancakeswap etc...

Many of the Tron ecosystem tokens/coins are listed on the default list of coins on Justswap, STEEM is not one of them. Why not?

Simply adding STEEM to justswap could help drive more users to STEEM and

Also, Justin Sun just put out an announcement today talking about the Tron ecosystem coins that are now listed on pancakeswap, yet there was no inclusion of STEEM yet again. Why is that?

I'd like to see STEEM added to these places as well.


Some or all of these things would likely be hugely beneficial to STEEM and for There hasn't been a lot of development here since incorporating TRX rewards, it's time to take the next steps to really push STEEM and to the next level.

What do you say @steemitblog @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @justinsunsteemit @justyy and all other witnesses, can we make some or all of these things happen?

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You have many good points here

These are some great ideas, can't wait to see Steem at $10!

These are feasible ideas. We can do it!

Estoy en total acuerdo con su planteamiento para steemit siempre y cuando sea para el beneficio de la platafoa y de todos los que hacemos vida en Ella

Your thoughts and ideas are very interesting ,,, we are waiting for other ideas and information ...

these are good point , it will be easy to implement , i would personally like to see these changes as well following you now

This is the way.

I think this is a great idea

You could create a parallel platform called Steemitswap or Steemswap that connects with the steemit API so that users transfer their steem to be pairs with Ethereum, BNB or Shib, Trx ETC .. these would look great, it's a great idea @jondoe not to mention that this would also increase the value of the steem through the roof.

I also think it would be a good idea if justin sun started posting on the platform, as we only see @steemitblog do it.

All the points you describe in your publication are possible, you just have to wait for the steemit team and justin to read it and give their opinion.

very good detailed info

Si su planteamiento es beneficioso y factible por su gran experiencia comparto la opinión de la amiga @terediaz que si trae beneficios para la plataforma Stemmit y los usuarios, bienvenidos los cambios.

This is the part that is up for debate, but I would suggest simply pulling some of the current STEEM inflation from somewhere else, for example pull the inflation that is currently going to the STEEM DAO (preferred) or some from the Author reward pool, or even some from the witnesses, or some combination etc.

I agree with taking it from the Steem DAO. In fact, I'm in favor of eliminating the SPS, entirely. In hindsight, it seems like it's more trouble than its worth.

I wonder if it would make sense to have a STEEM/SBD pair. Not sure of the ramifications from pairing an asset with a corresponding debt instrument.

Where would that pair trade or be listed? We have the internal market which allows users to go between steem and sbd at very close to market prices.

Yeah... I was thinking it would be listed here, but that might require an unrealistic development effort. Not sure. Just brainstorming when I raised the idea.

I totally agree. You tackled these ideas thoroughly well.