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Did you?

Maybe you‘re even thinking that whales right now aren’t doing the best for the platform.

Well, I‘ve got good news. It’s now easier than ever before to become a Steem whale.

Steem is probably one of the few blockchains where the average user has a chance to influence its success. You don’t even have to be a developer. You simply need enough stake.

Just take a look at @theycallmedan. He bought 1+ Million Steem (would have been much more at these prices), powered it up and used it to influence the platform in a positive way.

Now, you don’t have to buy 1 Million Steem to get started (even though that’s „only“ 130k USD at current prices). You can start slow and build up your portfolio. E.G: 100$ gets you nearly 1000 Steem.

And then use that power to reward the people you’d like to have more of on this platform.

Right now, you‘ve got the chance to be what you wished whales would have been in the past. You, yourself, can make a difference and take charge in improving the platform how you see fit.

Are you up for it?


PS: No investment advice

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You’re preaching to the choir, just bought some 8K steem and powered it riiiiight up! Can’t risk things taking off without me! Now I just hope Steem doesn’t make me regret not keeping it in Bitcoin

That's the spirit!

Tu le regretteras. Bitcoin est une valeur sûre. Steem = Bullshit

Ca va me rendre la vie plus facile en faisant mes impots ;)

Loool j'espère que t'en paiera plein ça veux dire que t'en aura gagner encore plus. Te fait pas rouler par cette secte si le steem pump dis toi bien que ce ne sera pas une exception. Souviens toi le dernier rallye, sauf qu'en misant sur d'autres tokens tu ne contribue pas à enrichir cette communauté de bras cassé qui prêche la bonne parole en espérant refourguer leurs token au plus haut à des gens crédules.

En faite j'apprecie ta bonne dose de realisme. des crosseurs, il y en a partout et il n'en manque pas sur Steem. On verra bien ce que le futur nous reserve. A 324 millions de Token, c'est vrais qu'il y en a juste beaucoup trop. Par contre, les autres tokens, c'est la meme histoire. On verra ce que le futur nous reserve, moi, je trouve que c'est un privilege d'avoir des crypto qui me servent a interagir avec la communaute et je me fiche completement de perdre cet argent. Mais merci de me mettre la puce a l'oreille!

Avec plaisir. Mais tu sais, tous les tokens connaitront un nouvel ATH. Ici j'ai juste choisi qui j'allais enrichir et soutenir. Et ceux que je soutiens ne se trouvent pas sur Steem. J'ai aimé dans le passé, j'ai cru aux belles paroles mais j'ai vu tellement d'injustice et j'ai vu tellement de gens changer que je sais maintenant que Steem n'est pas un système sain.

Comme toi je me fous de l'argent. Je préfère ma dignité et j'ai choisi de la garder. Faire de l'argent n'est pas un problème, je n'ai jamais manqué de rien et ce n'est pas demain que ça m'arrivera. Donc à quoi bon ranger sa fierté pour mendier des votes ?

Regarde le prix du Steem en BTC ( et pas en dollars) sur les trois dernières années et tu comprendras encore mieux ce que je dis :-).

Hahaha!, ne t'en fait pas, c'est deja tout compris. Peut-tu elaborer sue quelques une des injustices dont tu me parles?

Et bien écoute il y en a tellement que je ne sais même pas par où commencer. Mais le mieux est de te faire une idée par toi même. Tu es là depuis assez longtemps pour t'en rendre compte. Tu es inscris depuis Juillet 2016 même si tu n'es pas hyperactif est-ce que tu trouves normal que tu ne sois qu'à 60 de réputation. Sachant que la réputation reflète le nombre de token que tu as engrangé...

Tu trouves normal que ce soit toujours les mêmes qui s'engraissent sur le dos des petits qui font vivre cette BC ?

Regarde @therealwolf par exemple. C'est le prototype typique de cette BC, pour réussir il a dû lécher des culs à outrance. Tout ce qu'il a fait n'est que du copié collé de projet déjà existant. Il a vite compris que ce qui plaisait ici c'était les projets axé sur steem. Le reste n'a aucune importance ici.

Ici t'as des whales qui lachent des messages de merde tous les jours et regarde combien ils ramassent. Ils disent qu'ils veulent soutenir les petits ok c'est bien beau. Mais combien gagnent les petits ?

A chaque fois que tu vois un nouvel @ émergé c'est soit une connaissance de qqun qui pèse dans le game soit c'est un lèche cul hors pair mdrrrr.

Bref je trouve ça d'un ridicule, si c'est pour en arriver là autant faire dans la prostitution c'est nettement plus rentable et bien moins fatiguant :-D !


Compare les rewards de ces deux posts par exemple. Où est la justice la dedans ?

edit : Au final tout ceux qui s'accrochent à cette BC c'est soit ceux qui ont des intérêts donc un max de token ou un pouvoir certain là encore je comprend. Mais pour les autres c'est juste qu'ils ne savent pas faire d'oseille ailleurs tout simplement.

Yes, I am up for it, and looking forward 👐

lol.. Well, I bought $100,000 worth of Steem with Bitcoin back when it was $5-6 each. Got me less than 20k. If only I had waited a year!

Oh well, you live and you learn. I'll never be able to spend that kind of cash again (Or risk death by wife lol) but I would highly suggest that if anyone can afford it, now is the time!

Wow that's really a lot. I invested in it $1,000 when the price was about $3, I baught over 300 steem and powered that up. That was all bitcoin I had in that time about 2 years ago. The only positive thing I see with that is that's a big reason for all of us now to not power down and to be active here. It's the best time to invest in steem and to create on it. That's why I'm building a community and looking for the better future for steem, almost sure about it. When there are that much opportunities, the price is not an obstacle.

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There was a lot of bad politics form the whales originally. It's great to see the change in attitude form the ones here now and bar a couple of exceptions people all seem to be buying into improving the blockchain and better practices.

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So cheap compared to the years spent earning 20k. Maybe the next 20 I collect will arrive sooner 😎

Its amazing if you would have asked this a few months ago my answer would be really different.

If I bought 1 million steem i would have probably delegated most to bots for passive earnings and projects that provided passive rewards.

Now im not sure what I would do as my answer would probably be keep it and currate, but with that much Steem Power I dont think Id be very efficient curration with that much Steem Power.

Another thought would he to break up some of that Steem and buy some tribe tokens so I could be a whale on Steemit and other tribes like leo, neox, and pal.

Yes! A Big resounding - Yes! I am up for it Wolf 🐺
This is a great time to be picking up steem and making a difference to fellow steemians lives and encourage them to create great content. Let’s do this!

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Hah, becoming a whale is definitely a dream, but I don't think I could afford it right now. Still... I'm already glad I got to 17k SP, just from buying a couple of hundred dollars worth of Steem here and there.

Sounds like a great idea. However, many people do not have the extra 1K to start influencing. Is there a way to make the whales become less greedy whales?

My salute to all the whales who's using their powers to make this community better and better, wish I had those power too, maybe soon haha..... but for now all I can do is to support them..

Sorry, @theguruasia you’ve reach daily limit of summon the trendo curation bot!

Support @trendotoken projects by delegating : 100SP , 200SP , 500SP , 1000SP , 2000SP

Right now, you‘ve got the chance to be what you wished whales would have been in the past. You, yourself, can make a difference and take charge in improving the platform how you see fit.

I guess that anyone can take these advices to the bank and cash some money. Thanks for shari

I have always advocated that the best way to grow on Steem is to buy Steem and stay consistent afterwards.

PS: Thanks for adding me to your auto list. It's a great boost.

The whales got where they got through different methods, some positive and other negative. Thus the steem ecosystem was influenced both good and bad, but nevertheless it grew. Now is the time when measures can be taken to correct the direction and also put the whales on the right track to contribute to the platform.

The more people with stake on here the more decentralized everything becomes as well, including the governance.

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just powered up! :))

Actually, I thought they would have come just like the coming of the Christ since and give us more reasons to stay on the platform. Hoping for the best on Steem

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Yap! A few days ago I bought 1k Steem and powering it up on SPUD!

Been buying lately as much as I can and this latest buy will get me above 10k steem power.

I remember making a post a year ago about how I want to have 8k steem powered up at the end of the summer, and that was my wildest hope! ''Luckily'' for me, Steem went down and I started to buy like crazy. #needfood xD

Glad to see so many people powering up but also I want to see more manual curation and hope that will become a standard one day.

Peace yo.

With all the steem being powered up right now, I doubt the prices will stay low as liquid supplies slowly but surely dwindles.

That's a Cool Idea. I also think as like as you.
Though I am not rich. But I hope, In future I will invest in this block chain to be a whale.

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Yes, I am ;-)

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

I think there is change happening on this front and a changing of the guard to some extent. Time will tell .