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Just played my first game of SteemKnights.. and I won!

The game is quite a lot of fun. It's not 100% smooth yet, but it has one of the most unique game-concepts I played in a while.

Essentially, it's chess combined with rock-paper-scissors. Add on top of that some gambling elements and you've got SteemKnights.

I personally played via browser (html5) right now, but seemingly you can play it on android and multiple other formats as well.

The only thing I'm missing is keychain integration and there are obviously some small bugs left to fix. But besides that: great job @steemknights!

Looking forward to what the future brings.


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Congrats for your win and must say that I might give it a try after having your description of the game. I am more of a strategist, rather than gambler, but if it is fun at least to decompress from work :)

There is most def. a portion of strategist involved. I probably should have explained it a bit more:

Instead of rock, paper, scissors - you've got Sword, Bow, Mage (actual names could be a bit different). But essentially, you don't know which units of the enemy have these type of weapons until this unit has attacked or has been atacked. And that's where the strategy part comes into play.

  • Sword beats Bow
  • Bow beats Mage
  • Mage beats Sword

If you've got a sword unit nearly in front of an enemy mage unit, you know that this unit will def. lose against the enemy, which is what you've got to play around then.

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congratulations, Hopefully you can go far.

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I think Gaming is perfect for cryptocurrency adoption as the young people of the world are far more open to using today’s technology. A lot of people could find the value and benefit of Steem and cryptocurrency in general as people like yourself make it more fun to be here. 💯👍🏼

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Thank you for sharing your review @therealwolf it helps 👍

nice let's go

Yuhh it started today. When I come home surely I'll try it!

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hey trw, weren't you creating a new game sometime back? is that still in the works?

Yes it was a good start you are right a few small bugs are still there but they were also announced before. The game has a high fun factor in any case and I will continue to play it and see what we can take with you. Best regards Michael

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I need to look this up. It looks frikin adorable.

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lol i just played and lost, think i can get into it when i know WTF is going on

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