STEEM MONSTERS! Who Else Has Gotten Hooked?! My Experience So Far...

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Well, I have to say, Steem Monsters is a pretty fun, addictive game! I have found myself logging on every day in order to complete the daily quest, and looking forward to the end of the season to get my 10 booster packs! I got 2 Gold's out of the last season, and 1 from a previous Daily pack, so all in all I think it's been pretty successful for me! I've been able to sell a number of extra cards too, which is super cool in my opinion.

My best deck is definitely the Fire Splinter. With my Starter Pack and initial Booster Packs, I got a lot of the Red, so I was able to level up some of the guys pretty decently. Luckily, common cards are reasonably priced so you're able to stay in the competition. I am hoping that some of the Alpha cards I've held onto will go up in value over time, as I managed 2 Legendaries very early on, before the game was even active, lol.

Screenshot 2018-11-16 23.24.23.png

How many of you guys have been playing? Have you gotten any good cards? I've seen a few of my friends on there, but, if you are playing, shoot me a message on and I'll log on and maybe we can battle it out! Until then, Steem On, and Battle Well!

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Where do I go to find more about and get a starter kit?

You can use Steemconnect to buy a Starter Kit, Booster Packs, and Individual Cards

Thanks @grapthar

You're welcome! Good luck on the battlefield!

This game is so much fun!

Hell yea!