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Hello All,

This is my logo design offer for the Steam-Engine token "Steem Leo" which will be released by @khaleelkazi. As you can see, I transformed the original Steem logo into a lion silhouette and kept it simple. I used a Greek and Roman-looking font. And I used two warm color gradient combinations to make it more effective.


bidesign_steemleo _02.jpg


bidesign_steemleo _03.jpg


bidesign_steemleo _04.jpg

Fav Icon or Coin

bidesign_steemleo _fav.jpg

I designed this logo toatally vectoral on Adobe Illustrator. You can download PDF from link.

License Free Used Font Link

About Contest
You can get information about and participate "Steem Leo Logo Contest" by @khaleelkazi from the link:

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Cool logo!

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Cool comment 😊😅🙏

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