Another new silver addition

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hi folks.

This round was purchased along with a few maples yesterday, and I thought it needed its own post, because its so awesome.


Its not quite an ounce, but is pretty sweet.


I love the black hills region, it only a short 8 hour drive for me and is a beautiful part of America. I even panned for gold and was able to get about 1/2 gram. I should go back when the border opens again.

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Are those photos from the same round? The lettering is different and both sides are showing the silver purity...

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Yes, its the same round

I love it! That is a cool round! I like anything remotely western. That's cool that it's only 8 hours away for you. It would be much, much longer for me to get there. Take care @fat-elvis, and thanks for sharing your find!

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