SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #17

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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1



As I mentioned in my last post, the open source browser extension KeyChain can now be used on SteemWorld to work with private keys in a more secure and comfortable way. If you didn't try KeyChain yet, I highly recommend to do so. It is currently only available for Chromium based browsers like Chrome, Brave and Opera, but other browsers like Firefox will also be supported in future.

Here is an example of how it looks like when claiming rewards via KeyChain:

As you can see, there is no need to enter a private key anymore, because the transactions are being signed and broadcasted in KeyChain. SteemWorld and no other website/app has access to your keys, because they are being securely stored in the browser's plugin storage by the use of AES encryption and a user defined password.

SteemWorld automatically detects a working KeyChain installation and it will from now on be used by default. In case there should be an issue when using KeyChain (claiming accounts and creating claimed accounts is not yet supported) it is possible to deactivate it in Settings:

Savings Withdrawals

There is a new tab in the Orders section, which shows our coming savings withdrawals:

By clicking on the X button we can cancel a planned withdrawal:

Same as it is for the Powerdown there will now show up a warning for new withdrawals when starting SteemWorld:

Voted Witnesses

It is now possible to remove witness votes directly in the Account Details -> Witness Votes section:

By clicking on Vote For Witness... we can also vote for witnesses that are not in the Top 100:

Transfer encrypted memo

In Tools -> Transfer there is a new Encrypt Memo box. In case you want to transfer encrypted messages, just check the box (starting the memo with # is no longer supported):

In the making

  • Thinking about how to survive the current market prices (SteemWorld no longer free? Building a post promotion service? Ads?)
  • Web service for loading the data in a more efficient way and to enable me to add many cool new features in future
  • Different views / no limit in the posts overview
  • Details for coming rewards (number of posts/comments, maybe a pie chart)
  • Improved coming curation rewards overview
  • RC costs calculation


EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. What we focus on is what becomes powerful. We are the creators of our world.

Much love,

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Super Arbeit! Weiter so auch nächstes Jahr! Wünsche Dir nen guten Rutsch 🎊🎆

Thinking about how to survive the current market prices (SteemWorld no longer free? Building a post promotion service? Ads?)

Gamification to incentivize supporters?
Add badges, count total value of support upvotes from users, give them badges here and there.
Then, unlock certain features for those who reached certain level.

When it comes to optimize infrastructure (costs/performance) needed for your services, contact me on Steem.Chat, I might be able to help.

I like the idea of some kind of gamification for the SteemWorld user base. Everybody likes to "get things," even if they are not of direct monetary value. If you could double the number of votes cast for your weekly support post, I'm sure it would help. And maybe a special "Gold Badge" for those who don't merely upvote the post, but gives a 100% upvote.

A lot of people in this community like the idea of a "gift economy" and "pay it forward," and that can certainly be fueled by the promise of recognition for support.


When it comes to optimize infrastructure (costs/performance) needed for your services, contact me on Steem.Chat, I might be able to help.

Great suggestion! It is the same that I made just now in my comment.

I am entirely convinced that steemit will survive this crypto winter while many other coins will fail, becaus we have the very best community the world has ever seen.

Totally with Gandalf on this one - add "steemworld points" on the model of Partiko. Ask for some delegations (I would gladly delegate some SP) and use the SP to upvote people who do nice things - you'll be getting an additional income from curation.

lieber @steemchiller,

Nachträglich noch frohe Weihnachten und Prosit 2019!!

Hoffe das du uns noch lange auf der Steem Blockchain
Erhalten bleibst, lg 🤠

Wow great news!
Keychain is awesome! Thanks for implementing it and your work!
Grüße ;)

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Compliments of the season.
Thank you, @SteemChiller, for the great work that you do.

With your promotion of it @steemchiller and my confidence in you, I have installed Keychain in my Brave browser and set it up with my Active Private password. I have yet to use it, but presumably it is now "good to go" ...

As a quick test, I tried some other Steem apps. They still required SteemConnect, so not sure how widely known Keychain is and / or what the rate of adoption will be. As with most anything else, competition (if done right) is healthy, so I guess we'll find out!

One small matter to report this week. Recently, upon loading SteemWorld, I have noticed my reputation score has dropped. Not a big drop, but it does drop. Then, it goes back to where it was for awhile. Then it drops again ...

Not sure what that represents, but thought I would bring it to your attention. I believe you mentioned in a recent update post, that you were experiencing some changes, so perhaps this is just a temporary matter that you are already familiar with.

As we head in to 2019, with you and all of our fellow Steemians, sure hoping the prices go back up to something more sustainable!

Kannst du eine taegliche post machen? Es kann ja einfach sagen dass es eine post ist dich in deiner Arbeit zu uterstuetzen und kann ein Bild oder was einfaches haben. Und alle die die Steemworld benutzen koennen dich aud autovote setzen...

Danke dir, das hört sich gut an! Guten Rutsch in ein entspanntes Jahr 2019!

  ·  last year (edited)

Vielen Dank für die großartige Arbeit! Vielleicht könntest Du einen upvote-Button neben der SteemPower Anzeige oben links installieren, mit Keychain könnte man Dich direkt upvoten, wenn Du jedesmal ein Kommentar erzeugst mit Dir als Begünstigten (ich benutze aber leider Firefox). Ich weiß nicht, ob du das willst aber wenn Du das Projekt OpenSource machst, müsste es doch auch Utopian upvotes geben und Ned würde dich evtl. unterstützen.

At this point, I would like to express my respect and praise for the Steemworld project. Although I can do no more than reward each week's report with a vote, I wish all the best for the New Year, and thank you for the work you are putting into the project.

Just grabbing the opportunity to wish you a much better New Year. May your path begin to lead you upwards, where all your good feelings and rewards await you.

Wish you, @arthur.grafo, @steemchiller and to all here and the rest of the steemians a wonderful new year.

Have a nice day.

And all the best to you also


  ·  last year (edited)

Tolle Arbeit wie immer! Vielleicht findest du einen Witness, der dir seinen Server für das Hosting von kostenlos zur Verfügung stellt.
Nur mal so als Idee.

P.S. Ich habe gerade den Kommentar von @gtg gesehen, der wohl in die gleiche Richtung geht.

Thanks for the update! I continue to be interested in Keychain but haven’t tried it as I am always hesitant as I try to avoid doing things I do not immediately understand...

Regarding your thoughts for funding, I am always hesitant to pay for subscriptions but your service is great and will support it. However, since I do not like to spend my Steem (I like to power it up), please consider other options like delegation. Thanks!

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Not to worry. I don't understand any of it either, but the keychain installs effortlessly and an icon (Set of keys) sits at the top just right of the address bar in your browser when it has been installed. From then on, logging into any application that supports keychain is effortless (no more copy-pasting of the private key!). It just works! Very slick.

Upvote und Resteem, wie immer.
Danke für´s weiterentwickeln der Plattform.
Auch in Zeiten in denen Kryptos auf die Fresse bekommen.

[@PowerPaul:] Sooooo dankbar! Jeden Tag wieder auf's Neue.

Danke für die stete Weiterentwicklung!

Good set of updates, as always! It makes me happy to see all the attention you pay to security, right down the the warning massage for savings withdrawals. All part of what makes SteemWorld such an essential tool!

Happy New Year!

Hi @steemchiller.
Hard to choose some of the options to keep this alive with this bearish situation.
I'm not sure that normal google adds will help, maybe some smart adds policy could be developed appart from the giant. It would need some marketing actions to contact serious long term firms etc ...
Hope you make your way to achieve your goals, my little support will be there.
My best wishes for your Christmas time

hey man thx for the resteem, always seeing updates regularly on steemworld man you work really hard =) keep it up and 2019 gonna be an awesome one for you!

under "in the making"

  1. maybe you can consider setting some of the features as premium service and charge a low mthly subscription | also add a adsense banner to earn ads revenue, i believe the traffic for steemworld should be high, do you have the daily unique visit data. Or collaboration with dclick to have their ads api display on steemworld, if you're keen, i can link you up.
  2. on the coming post/comment reward (possible to add like a 7 day cluster, something like in 1 day total reward sp, steem, sbd then if user want to see detail can click and view more.
  3. possible to add a user's SP growth chart past 12 mths ?
  4. also possible to have a global setting when click profile/post link ? instead of default able to have option to set busy or steempeak (ops just saw this under setting, awesome !)
  5. under tools, maybe can have a top 5 most comments post all time/30 days of user | top 5 payout post all time/30days/ exclude bidbot vote amt (if you have a way to somehow get views of post that would be fantastic !)

PS :
Autopost post from instagram to steem EASILY, new dapp share2steem | Get daily upvotes from s2s and users who activate unique double curation! | Let’s onboard 1% of insta users and show them the possibilities with steem !

Thank you again for all you do; love the additions here today. And as far as doing something to help financially ... I'm in for whatever you decide :)

Guuuuten Abend Herr Chiller :D!
Sag mal, hast du mir vielleicht ein schönes Banner, mit dem man Steemworld bewerben könnte oder vielleicht auch gleich Variationen in verschiedenen Formaten :D?^^
(hoff ich hab nichts übersehen!^^)

Moin @schlees! Habe leider keinen Banner am Start...
Hatte bisher nur diese Grafik für meine Support-Posts erstellt, aber so richtig zufrieden bin ich damit auch nicht mehr.

Moin :D
Chmmm, magst du welche basteln :)?^^

Vielleicht hätte aber auch @rivalzzz lust, der hat sich hier letzt auch ein wenig verkünstelt?
Oder halt einen Contest veranstalten, wir haben ja genug Leute hier, die was drauf haben :)?

Wie auch immer (:D), liegt bei dir, wäre jedenfalls sehr nice, wenn da welche entstehen würden xD.

Ich bin leider gerade voll in meinem Element... ^^ Ich denke, die Möglichkeit Posts auf SteemWorld erstellen zu können und der kommende PostViewer sind erstmal wichtiger für mich.

Hier bin ich gerade bei:

Das freut mich zu hören und auch weiterhin viel Erfolg, bin immer noch Dauernutzer :D.^^
Klar, das steht außer frage, für einen solchen Fall war die Mention mit Link bei Interesse gedacht, der hilft sicher gerne :). Wie du willst, einfach als Info ;D.

Erst einmal ein frohes Neues!

Fast jede Woche gibt es eine neue Überraschung in der "Wundertüte" namens Steemworld! :-) Klasse...

Kann es sein, daß aktuell in Mozilla keine Votes mehr angezeigt werden? Filter habe ich keine eingeschaltet. Im Brave läuft alles normal...


Vielen Dank für den extra Vote und frohes Neues! Einige Nodes (auf jeden Fall '') geben anscheinend keine Votes und Kommentare mehr zurück. Das wird von Woche zu Woche verrückter mit den Nodes...

Probier mal in den Einstellungen auf '' umzustellen und die Seite danach zu aktualisieren ;)

Danke - ja klasse, das hat funktioniert! :-)

I have upvoted the post and also have sent some BAT through brave browser. I hope you have received those BAT.

Happy new year my friend

I wish you and your family all prospective in your life and future...

Now just a simple question... what do you mean by burned payment in the post payment from your steemworld site...

I have always burned psyments in my posts

Wake up.. drink lemon juice .. take your hot meal is noon time now....

God bless you

Thank you :) Lemon juice sounds good. I wish you a happy new year, @red-rose!

what do you mean by burned payment

When someone votes your post to early (before the 15th minute), a percentage of the vote goes back to the reward pool. The percentage depends on the time of the vote. From the first to the 15th minute it goes from 100% to 0%. So, when you receive a vote after 7.5 minutes, half of the vote goes into 'nothingness'.

🎁 Hi @steemchiller! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @dswigle!

Check out @dswigle blog here and follow if you like the content :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

Your service is really handy, I am using it pretty often. To monetize it maybe you can add a check somewhere if user upvoted your recent post or not? Sometimes I am forgetting to do that as well but from now will try not to miss it. Or maybe you know how I can set auto vote for your new posts easily? Maybe you can implement it easily in your service so just ticking one checkbox will automatically upvote your each and every new update post?

🎁 Hi @steemchiller! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @yogajill!

@yogajill wrote lately about: My Actifit Report Card: December 19 2018 Feel free to follow @yogajill if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

Thanks for the update @steemchiller, and for working so much to make SteemWorld a great experience for all of us! I hope you find a way to make the money aspects of it work for you... I like what @gtg had to suggest.

Best regards for the New Year!

Dropped in to say thank you and have a fabulous 2019 :D

Friend it is a great honor for me to leave my support for your publication ..
A big fraternal embrace from Venezuela, a country that fights for its freedom.

I wish you have a next year 2019 full of much prosperity and much success ..

Not showing votes, comments or witness production?

  ·  last year (edited)

Excelente, me encanta SteemWorld, ofrece muy buenas opciones y alternativas que facilitan la interacción en Steemit, por esa razón valoro esta iniciativa y la respaldo ampliamente!! Saludos cordiales y feliz año nuevo 2019!!

Thanks for adding new features. Keep up the great work. You are a necessity to STEEM.

Reading the publication I can realize the large number of applications that we as users enjoy all that work that @steemchiller is carrying out. Support this publication for me is a pleasure not only for the content of the same but for the number of applications and tools that #SteemWorld offers us thanks to the work of this user.

Hey @steemchiller, would it be an option for you to integrate account creation via public owner/active/posting/memo keys instead of the master password? In the context of creating new Steem accounts for others, it could be very helpful if the creator would not know any of the private keys or the master password of the new account. This could help to onboard users without them having to trust the account creator and avoids any potential claims against the creator.

I don't think that it is possible to create an account without defining the private keys in the creation process. The owner of the new account should change the password after it has been created. On Steemit via or with the coming 'Change Password' tool on SteemWorld (available soon).

I already thought about adding a more comfortable solution for creating accounts in just one step by creating it via the account with temporary keys, but that will come later (in a few weeks/months).

  ·  last year (edited)

The create_account blockchain operation only takes the owner, active, posting and memo public keys. The calculation of those from the master password has to be somewhere inside steemworld. It is not necessary for the account creator to know the corresponding private keys. It is correct that these keys can be changed by changing the master password, however the account creator can still recover the created account within the first 30 days if he/she knows the initial keys/master password.

Edit: a possible workflow could be that the the new user uses the steemworld Key Generator tool to generate a set of keys, stores the master password and the private keys safely, and forwards the corresponding public keys to the account creator. Given support for that, the account creator could then create the new account with these public keys. This way, the account creator doesn't know any of the private keys at any point in time and the new users doesn't have to trust the creator (or fear a take-back with recovery).

Thanks, now I know what you mean! Of course, the API call just requires the public keys. The client would just need to send the account name + public keys (+ fee maybe) to the creator... Would be way easier than the solution I roughly planned before. I like the idea, will think about it ;)

I love the power down alert. It is a great warning system in case ones account get hacked. Thank you for addressing areas of concern with your tool for the community.

Hey there.

I’m back in steemit after an absence.

Thank you for still having the tools I need.

Great work as always. Just wanted to ask you one thing. When i click "author rewards" i get this message: No coming author rewards found!

Whats the issue there? Is it maybe from my side?

Some nodes (at least '') don't return the full account history currently. Please switch to a different node (for example') in Settings and it should work after refreshing the page ;)

Thank you. It worked.

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I don't use steemworld often but it's sure got a lot more uselful features now then it used to have. Thank-you for the very easy to use delegation tools !tip

Thank You for all you have done during 2018 to make working into Steemit a whole lot easier.

Best wishes for 2019 from South Africa....

Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning 'humanity to others'. It also means 'I am what I am because of who we all are'.

Hey there @joanstewart! I love the concept of Ubuntu!!! So applicable here with steemchiller :)

Happy holidays/new year to you and yours too !

Thanks for the Greeting Lynn, health and happiness in 2019.

Thank you for everything that you do, @steemchiller.

Happy New Year😁🎉 Just voted! You will see the bear market will end soon👍😃🐻

Posted using Partiko Android

I appreciate all of your hard work and use it every day!


  ·  last year (edited)

It is getting the best tool to monitor the steem blockchain activities in one stop. thank for building this for us @steemchiller

Thinking about how to survive the current market prices (SteemWorld no longer free? Building a post promotion service? Ads?)

It is also good to charge your user with some amounts of steem for membership, and only the registered member will be able o access it. that is what I can think so far.

Very interesting information about Keychain. Thanks for all of your great work! 😃

  ·  last year (edited)

hi @steemchiller. happy new year in advance.
i can't see my comments in steemworld.
did i do sth wrong? i don't remember changing anything.
oh fixed. pls ignore

why cant you just add google add s to the page.
On the right and on the left is on my pc enough space for some adds.

Thanks fir all your good work!! I wish I could be more tech inclined so that I could do some programming!


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Your work is so appreciated!!

Happy New Year @steemchiller.

Happy New Year!

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