SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #5

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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1

What a week

It's hard for me to stay positive in these days. I spend nearly all of my time for the development on SteemWorld and am hardly able to pay the rent for my apartment this month. I don't want to send my collected STEEM from my recent posts to an exchange at current price levels and I'm still waiting for a price reversal to at least 1.35 USD.

The next server bills are already waiting for me in the coming weeks and I'm not sure if I can do this all for much longer. I need to change my strategy so that I'm prepared for whatever will happen in future. Time spent for posting is time not spent for working on SteemWorld, but if there is no other way I may do so. I'm no fan of living from donations from other people because that is no reliable income. I won't pay the required hardware for a witness node with money that is not mine. But don't mind, this is my problem and I will find a solution.

As always, it was a very busy week. There hasn't been a single weekend in the past months for me, but I still hope that my work will pay out on some day in future. For now I hope that BTC can hold support at the current prices and we don't need to test the 6000 again. At least it looks not too bad today:

New features

I have been tweaking many things in my code during the week and I'm still not done with it. That's the reason why my weekly post comes a bit later this time and I need to keep it really short today. Most of the things I'm currently working on are happening in background, but I can show you a few shots of the latest UI changes here:

Liquid STEEM in Post Summary and Coming Author Rewards

SBD Debt Ratio / Liquid STEEM Ratio in Steem Info tab

The Liquid STEEM Ratio (if you should find a better name for it, please tell me) is derived from the SBD Debt Ratio. It shows us how much of a post's SBD payout we will receive as liquid STEEM, currently ~ 78% :

Only relevant columns in rewards tables

If you are an author, not a witness and not receiving beneficiary rewards, it looks like:

If you are a witness and not receiving beneficiary rewards (example top witness @gtg):

If you are not a witness but you are receiving beneficiary rewards (example @dtube):

If you are an author and witness and you are receiving beneficiary rewards, SteemWorld will collapse and you will directly go to hell my friend, because you are earning way too much STEEM. Just kidding, in that case the Benef. SP column will be hidden until I've found a solution for the non existing space. A donation might motivate me to find it faster... 😁

New settings for the 'Account Info on hover' behaviour

Reminder for SteemWorld updates

This is an important change because I realized that older browsers and even many modern mobile ones do not load the modified HTML, JS and CSS on each page visit after I made changes to the site. Especially mobile devices are caching badly to improve battery life and are just ignoring the instructions coming from my server.

Don't worry, even if I update the site on a daily basis I won't always set it to a new version as long as there is no good reason for it.

Let's come to an end...

There are many more things I could talk about here but most of them are more technically nature and are happening in background. If you should consider becoming a developer please take time for the decision and really think about what it would mean for you and your life. Programmers will always have more problems than 'normal' human beings can ever imagine... 😉


EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. We are the creators of our world.

Much Love,

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Thank you for this post @steemchiller.

SteemWorld is a very positive tool for's hoping you receive the needed funds to keep it going.

Roman Maxim/Principle......He is a winner who perseveres.

Kind Regards,


I have found the SteemWorld tool to be one of the most useful tools for monitoring my activity on the STEEM blockchain. The information the tool contains is priceless.

The is why I am pleased to give you a 100% upvote and since my SP is not great, I used OnlyProfitBot, SmartSteem, and UpMe bidbots to increase the value of your weekly post. I am happy to support the development of such a fine tool in hopes of keeping its use free.

Have a great weekend!
Steem on,
Mike is very useful tool thank you for developing it. 🤗

The is why I am pleased to give you a 100% upvote and since my SP is not great, I used OnlyProfitBot, SmartSteem, and UpMe bidbots to increase the value of your weekly post.

I think it would be more efficient to donate funds directly to @steemchiller rather than paying for upvotes.

Totally agree with you. SteemWorld is the best tool for monitoring the STEEM blockchain activity.

Wow, Amazing tool to monitor daily basis Thanks keep it up !!

100% UPVOTED !!

thanks for build it

One more SBI share for you my friend @steemchiller, since my voting weight is nothing. I am sure that you will get better thing from your supporter. Wish you all the best!


This post has received a 4.74 % upvote from @boomerang.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you for all the work you put into SteemWorld. It is greatly appreciated!

This post has received a 4.74 % upvote from @boomerang.

@steemchiller 100% upvote , great website and thanks for the help.

Steem will not recover very soon in my opinion as an analyst. Maybe you need to start posting smaller updates in two weekly updates. As you can see the community is on your side and I don't understand why steemit inc is not helping you here with a donation or SP delegation...

Holy shit, support at 7250 has been broken. I'm done. Started powering down yesterday for this case, so that I can pay part of my bills in a week. I'm wondering if I should cash out my collected STEEM now...

Read my little update on my last post. The next levels to watch for a big bounce are 6825, 6666 and 6400... If this is indeed already white wave 2, then white wave 3 is next! Target at least 10800.

You could do a partial cash out. In two weeks it might be all good again.

We're below all of those levels. What's your next guess of a bounce number?

Read my newest update post on my blog.

Thanks. Crash catchers set at 3000

We're below all of
Those levels. What's your next guess
Of a bounce number?

                 - improv

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Ha. Goodness.
Inadvertent. And yet I keep getting them. I guess I like writing 17 syllable comments.

I write theese haikus unintentionally all the time as well :D it's weird.

We have dialects
that tend to construct phrases
with odd syllables

Yeah, but does steemit inc still exist? It seems to me that we are on a ship without crew.

They are posting their progress every week. That is a lot better than it used to be..

Thanks for your answer. Can you be so kind to give me the regarding link to their postings?

Thank you so much for your work. Keep on doing that! Here is a 100% Upvote for you 👍

Absolutely the best thing going on Steemit, @steemchiller!

The little pop-up post got me here, and I can't help but think it will be more effective than having to click on the link at the top while the site is loading.

What is amazing and beautiful is that you are developing this all on your own and yet there are constant updates and improvements, and always new things happening. AND you find time to create these update posts. AND you communicate with your users! Contrast that with STINC where it seems to take MONTHS to change the font color of one tiny field, or something.

It is baffling to me that STINC hasn't pitched some support to you, even in the form of a delegation or something. Hey @ned, @andrarchy and co.! Is there some reason you're not supporting this project... which thousands of users are actively benefiting from; which is a great example of a highly USABLE UI; which is constantly under dynamic development?

Come on folks! There's more to Steemit "development" than having a bunch of people eternally talking about updates to their White Paper without actually having a functioning PRODUCT in front of people! Time to step up to the plate here and support something that is more than a theory and a plan!

Sorry to "go off" on your post @steemchiller, but it really makes me angry that you're not getting more support from "higher up!"

Thanks for your kind words! I guess it is difficult for @ned and Steemit in general to support something that is not open source.

All transactions are being signed locally on the site with the help of Steem.js (a great open source Steemit development) and I don't even store any private keys in the local browser cache but one can't see how I do it exactly (since SteemWorld is not open source and the code is hardly readable in minified form). That could be a major reason for not getting supported by Steemit.

As soon as I can pay the registration fee for SteemConnect I will add the possibility for users to use it instead of my own solution, so that more trust in my product will be achieved.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Well said @curatorcat! I use @steemchiller's site on a minute to minute basis - EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! and I really WOULD be lost without it! To be honest though, I did not realise until I also received the pop up and came to this post, that it was a one man show! :(

The lack of support (by those that can WELL BLOODY AFFORD IT) for SO MANY of the FUNDAMENTAL and PIVOTAL people of this platform is honestly NOTHING short of fncking SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is it so DIFFICULT for SO MANY, to grasp the concept of "team work"?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!

As I said in my comment on this post, I will dedicate whatever I can on a permanent basis to @steemchiller, because I make use of the service DAILY and it would be REALLY good form, to see the rest of the regular users of the site do precisely the same! - Not just upvote this post, but put forward some consistent support!

I could literally scream with frustration at the lack of foresight and selfishness of so many on this platform!!!!!! I have over 250 people on an autoupvote list here on Steemit and YES, I engage with 90% of them on a consistent basis - WHY can others (who are worth a SH!T load more than me) not do even an inch of the same?????

The mind boggles....

Totally right. I am convinced Stinc doesnt care at all about Steemit.

They are very wrapped up in SMTs, it seems. I'm sure they care about the price of Steem, but I'm not sure how much they care about Steemit, the front end.

Very much correct! In my view, they dont care much about the front end, at all!

I agree with you guys. I think Steemit is just a proof-of-concept and they are working on building a developer centric platform. If that is true, then I guess I'll be happy enough as I see a ton of apps coming on right now.

I hope steem prices make us happy.

For the love of everything good, @steemchiller you HAVE TO implement a premium version. Give me ONE single thing that I am "paying" for with the premium and I will throw my steem at you. The service you have created is the most useful of all the steem-centric sites I have come across in all my searching and we as a "community" absolutely must ensure you are able to continue to provide this invaluable resource to us all. I have your site up in a tab all day long so it is constantly used by me.

I have sent you my steem payment for this month and last month's usage, 2 steem per month. I honestly hope everyone will do the same.

NEW TAG!! #paysteemchiller

Thanks for the great support!

fantastic notification to remind people to give you some support. Love it.

Can you help round up some support for him? This site is seriously useful to SOOOO many people but it is like most think of it as a part of SteemInc. We need more people with a wide reach to preach the greatness of the site.

so I did a video today as promised, lets hope it gets some more support for @steemchiller

sure. watch this space. i made videos in the past promoting this. time for an update. I would gladly help and when he sets up a witness server I will be the first to vote too

Full vote from me even though it’s not a great amount. Really appreciate all the work and will be voting on these.

Your work is very apreciated.

I know how hard it can be to be a developer and a server admin. The cost is time and expenses. I hope the big whales wake up and help support it. Steemworld is the best, keep it up. If you're on, drop me a line there, maybe I can help.

Na, das wurde aber auch Zeit mit dem Hinweis!


Und nein! Es ist nicht zu offensiv. ;)

Go ahead,

Gruß aus dem Dschungel.

Es ist super richtig, professionell, ganz kleines bisschen aufdringlich, aber zu recht!!! Andere sind aufdringlicher, definitiv zu unrecht!
Und der Chiller hat ein neues Sommeroutfit... :-)))
... das merken die Mädels schon, auch wenn sie manchmal solch PopUps überlesen.

Thank you for all the work. Steemworld is my goto tool for. Hope that your able to keep it going.

Delegators Thanksgiving Thursday it is! Thank you for delegating some SP to us, we have upvoted your post with 100%

I love SteemWorld and use it every day, all day long. Thanks for this brilliant tool.

It is, without question the BEST tool for accurate tracking AND engagement. I would be completely LOST without it!


Got the message on Steemworld @steemchiller. WELL WARRANTED to make such a request!!! I have added you to my autovotes because I literally operate my ENTIRE Steemit engagement and efficiency from your site so MORE than happy to support you - THANK YOU!!!!

thanks for the great work you do - 100% upvote because steemworld is amazing!

Thanks for SteemWorld, it such an awesome tool @steemchiller, monitoring my steemit activities has never been easier. Each updates just makes things easier. Kudos to you, your time and resources you've invested into SteemWorld. More grease to your elbow!

Thank you @preshey!

You are most welcome, keep up the good work @steemchiller!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Steemworld has definitely made accessing Steem data a walk in the park
Thank you for the continued improvements!

Thank you for all the hard work, I will put out the word tomorrow!

Like all others, who have wrote a comment here, I am also using time to time and no doubt, I find it comparatively more useful.

I am second to @flemingfarm and sending 2 SBD.

I appreciate your hard work and dedication, @steemchiller. Keep it up & Good Luck.

As usual, some awesome changes! I especially love how you've added the breakdown for post payout, and thankfully, I'm not an author and witness, so I won't be going straight to hell lol

I wish for prices to pick up for you though! All the work you put into this, you deserve it. I wish I could do more, but you've got my 100% upvote and support :)

I like the little pop-up very much! It should have an excellent effect on getting more money into your wallet! Hopefully STEEM price is getting up soon, so you can cash out a bit.

Danke für deine unermüdliche, wertvolle Arbeit für die Steemit-Gemeinschaft!

Möge dir endlich einmal die materielle Anerkennung zuteil werden, die du dir schon so lange verdient hast!

Deine abschließenden Gedanken sind schön, sie könnten als Maxime für uns alle gelten :)

Dankeschön @vieanna! Déjà-vu :) Ja, so richtig bin ich noch nicht da angekommen, wo ich eigentlich sein wollte. Das Erstaunliche ist ja, dass ich, wenn der STEEM-Kurs jetzt bei 3 USD wäre, ganz gut davon leben könnte und es vor Kurzem noch den Anschein machte, als wenn ich meinem Ziel bereits sehr nah sein würde.

Jetzt habe ich wieder mit den monatlichen Kosten zu kämpfen und es fühlt sich so an, als wenn man mit jedem Fortschritt wieder ein paar Schritte zurückgeworfen wird. Trotzdem versuche ich positiv zu bleiben und das Ziel nicht aus den Augen zu verlieren...

Deine abschließenden Gedanken sind schön, sie könnten als Maxime für uns alle gelten :)

Ich habe kürzlich einige große Veränderungen meiner Einstellung zum Leben und allgemein zu den Menschen dieser Welt durchlaufen und habe jetzt verstanden, dass viele Probleme in Wahrheit nur im eigenen Kopf existieren. Oft sucht man sich das eigene Leid im Leben aus und lebt es weiter, ohne es zu bemerken und es wird immer schwieriger davon loszukommen. Ich glaube inzwischen, dass man mit der richtigen Einstellung, der Liebe zum Leben und den Menschen um sich herum Berge versetzen kann. Es entsteht alles nur im Kopf und in Verbindung mit erlebter Emotion kann alles Gute wie auch Schlechte wirklich wahr werden.

Wenn ich die Zeit hätte, würde ich mal einen Artikel darüber schreiben und darüber berichten, warum ich jeden Abend vor dem Einschlafen gedanklich eine Leiter hochklettere. Die Leiter, die zum Schatz führt... :) Sie wird so lange in Gedanken hoch- und wieder hinabgestiegen bis man eingeschlafen ist. Es geht dabei um Manifestation von noch nicht existierenden Gegebenheiten durch Visualisierung und dem Erfahren von Emotionen des Zielzustandes. Ist nicht so kompliziert, wie es jetzt klingt... ^^ Ich weiß nicht, ob es dazu auf Deutsch etwas auf YouTube gibt, aber der Channel 'Your Youniverse' hat dazu sehr interessante englische Videos am Start ;)

LG, Chiller

Hallo @steemchiller, danke, dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast, mir so ausführlich zu antworten.

Ich begleite deine Arbeit, zunächst an den SteemChillerTools (SCT) und jetzt an der SteemWorld, von Beginn an. Es war mir immer unbegreiflich, warum du von offizieller Seite nie Unterstützung erhalten hast. Deine Erklärung dazu in der Antwort auf den Kommentar von curatorcat scheint nachvollziehbar.

Mit deinem wöchentlichen Update-Post und jetzt mit dem pop-up hast du einen schon längst fälligen und wichtigen Schritt gesetzt. Wie ich dich 'kenne', ist es dir nicht leicht gefallen, auf deine prekäre finanzielle Situation aufmerksam zu machen. Wie aus manchen Kommentaren ersichtlich ist, war vielen nicht bewusst, dass die SteemWorld kein Steemit-Angebot ist und dass das Projekt von dir in Personalunion gestemmt wird. Jetzt kommt es darauf an, dass den Ankündigungen auch Taten folgen und es dir endlich ermöglicht wird, frei von existentiellen Sorgen deine Arbeit fortzuführen. Ich wünsche es dir von Herzen!

Ich habe vor einigen Jahren "The Secret" gelesen. Vieles im Buch war mir zu esoterisch, aber dem zugrunde liegenden 'Gesetz der Anziehung' kann ich einiges abgewinnen. Mit unseren Gedanken und den damit verbundenen Emotionen können wir unsere Realität formen. Entscheidend finde ich, den Fokus auf die positiven Dinge im Leben zu legen. Dein Einschlaf-Ritual klingt spannend. Ein Erfahrungsbericht dazu wäre natürlich sehr interessant! Jedenfalls werde ich mich über das Visualisieren auf dem von dir genannten Channel einmal näher informieren.

Ich wünsche dir einen schönen, entspannten Sonntag, vielleicht auch einmal abseits der SteemWorld ;-)

I'll come back to check if there are any comments by you for me to upvote - a number of times.

I know it is only cents, but it is all I can do.

Thanks for doing so much for the community - but I hope you are meeting friends, going for a drink and chat now and then. Don't geek-away your life, enjoy some of it...

Thank you @arthur.grafo!

Don't geek-away your life, enjoy some of it...

When the time has come I will begin to live my life again... Currently I'm doing my best to be able to pay my bills. After that I can think about having a drink ;)

Thank you for all the work and support you do on the site I love it and have used it ever since it first came out. Hope my 100% upvote helps!

I know techstill I got , No clue what you you do but your results are essential for me. Max upvote

Thanks for creating and continually working on improving Steemworld! Been using it daily for the longest time now.


your service is an awesome tool that all users of steem should know, thankyou @steemchiller!

@steemchiller, thanks again for providing a superb tool for so many Steemians! I don't have access to your site stats, but I am sure there must be thousands who use SteemWorld every day. 100% upvote heading to you; it's not much but gladly given, and absolutely deserved!

I support you with big pleasure!
Steemworld is a fantastic tool, the best, in my opinion!

Hey first off i just want to say thank you for everything you do. I love it makes my steemit life 10000 times easier. Secondly. I have absolutely no stake in @comedyopenmic other than being an occasional guest judge but i think you guys could really help each other out. They have a witness spot and i know that you guys could make a magical pairing. Would it be okay if i reached out to them?

Thanks man! No need for a 'magical pairing' currently, but I really appreciate your help ;)

It is no problem. I was not proposing a "magical pairing". I just really enjoy the comedy open mic community and when I saw your post it was the first thing that came to mind. I am sorry if I came across wrong. Like I said I have no placement in COM but I do know they sponsor other projects and may be interested in putting a sponsorship deal together with you. Again this is just me being the middleman trying to help out 2 entities on steemit that I truly enjoy.

Klare 100% und resteemed :-)

Thank you for your hard work! I will add you to my steemauto fanbase for automatic upvotes to support your great work! <3

Auch von mir natürlich ein 100% Vote und Resteem für das beste Analyse Steemit Tool.

I appreciate the hard work. 100% upvote and resteemed. We are all in this same boat and need to keep improving the boat for the next high tide. :)

SteemWorld is an amazing tool and I honestly wouldn't know what to do without it :D For what it's worth I put your posts on autovote and wouldn't mind if you used those well-deserved autovotes for a 'mid week I'm chilling with a sandwich while working on SteemWorld' Instagram style post as well ;-) Just so you know, maybe with these prices one post a week is simply not enough.

Good luck, prices will get better, but unfortunately that doesn't pay the rent now! :-/

It's hard for me to stay positive in these days.

Ugh. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm personally enjoying the low prices as an opportunity to buy, but seeing people struggling makes me reconsider and maybe hope that the price rises soon, for your sake. Until then, I'll just keep buying and earning cheaper STEEM to upvote your support posts with later :)

I really appreciate the effort that you put into this tool. It works very well and is a crucial view of what's going on in STEEM. I apologize that my upvote is purely symbolic. I'd give you some reward if I had some to give.

Actually, now that I think about it, I have some SBD that wasn't enough to buy a pack of SteemMonsters with - sending it your way. Maybe @kawaiicrush will find this and send an upvote your way. We just had a talk about paying it forward, I'm guessing she would be all for supporting your work.

Keep up the great work, and don't get bummed out with the issues that crop up. I think you have a bright future doing this stuff.

Dang RPC failure. Posted this a while ago. It failed...retrying

My vote isn't worth nearly enough, so I will send you a donation. It doesn't even close to make up for how much I use this, but I hope it helps.

Thanks for putting up the notification. I had never even looked into where steemworld came from.

Hi @steemchiller. I saw the pop up on SteemWorld, and I had NO idea that this was being developed and maintained by one person. A person who is struggling to make their ends meet. Now that I know, I’m going to do what I can to help. And I 100% agree with everyone else - you do deserve more than you are receiving. Thank you SO much for one of the best tools we have out there!! 😊

Hi, I'm Venezuelan, I love your tool, it's too useful and well made, you're a genius, really, I love Steemworld, I could not be in Steemit without him. Thank you for giving us your creativity and wonderful work. There are many advanced parts that I do not manage but, in general, I see it very complete and I love it, it helps us to carry a sequence of all the activities and to know who I vote for you and in what percentage, etcetera. Hopefully you can find a way to solve and that can last, then, it would be a loss too big for all who use it. I do not have SBD "s to donate, but, I did it with all the taste of the world, I am Venezuelan and as you know, in my country, the economic situation is quite difficult in these times and I have not been voted either to gather large amounts, I'm like they say there, a microbe in this vast ocean of Steemit, anyway, I leave you my humble vote (without any economic power hahaha), but with all the sincere affection that this tool lasts and you can continue to develop it for good A big hug from Venezuela, from already following you and apologizing for my bad English, in fact, I did everything with the Google translator ... Many successes for you ..

I hope that you will be able to continue! Steemworld is the best tool ever!!!

@steemchiller I use tool on daily bases. This is the master tool if you are working on steemit. I not have to go here and there and find each information. Just use the steemworld tool and you can see all the things related to your account. There is no other tool in the market that works like steemworld. I must say you are doing a great job and doing it alone is not easy. Keep doing great work.

I love your tool and am happy to support your work. I am happy to upvote these weekly posts automatically, but are you also a witness I can vote for? I just tried and steemconnect wouldn't complete.

Thank you! I'm no witness (yet) ;)

It is entirely thanks to your tool that @jaynie from @steemitbloggers told me about that I began to understand the complexity of @steemit and the reward system. I don't even begin to claim to understand it all, so again, a big thank you. For some reason, I am not able to upvote - something's going on - but I will return and do so. You deserve all the support!

You might try adding donate buttons to your popup.
Ala steemauto.
My wifi isnt letting the screenshot load, but you can see them on their donate page.

Thank you for this excellent tool @steemchiller !
Question: if the opportunity arose (it might), would you maybe consider a job offer to work with Steem (transform what I assume is one of your passions into your job)? You can contact me on Discord (same username)
Thanks again and best regards

Thanks! If we should find a way for cloning me, then Chiller No. 2 could work on other Steem projects... ^^ Currently there is no way because I'm already spending all of my available time for this one ;)

Thanks for your answer. "Ping" me in case you want to reconsider.

Thank you for all you do. Upvoting is the least we can do to help out and show appreciation.

A little thing... I was delegating some vests out this week and I don't see any info about it on the Account Operations -> Delegations tab. Seems like it is not updating.

I'm wondering why this happens for some people and when I check it by myself it always looks fine. This is what I see when I visit your account:

Or do you mean the delegations filter in the Account Operations? To which Steem node are you connected? Maybe switching to a different node can solve the issue.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yes, I mean in the Account Operations. The place you print screened shows it all correctly. Just in that filter it doesn't.

I have no idea which node :p. Where can I switch them?

This thing?

All other info seem to be up to date and correct. Just the Delegations are missing.

Thanks for the info! As they show up in the Outgoing Delegations tab there is no need for switching the node and it must have an other reason. I will check it as soon as I find time in the coming days ;)

Okay, thanks a lot :)

The popup window for vote support is excellent. I didn't even realize I wasn't following you here on Steemit yet.

Steemworld is by far my favorite Steemit analytics dashboard going right now. You do an excellent job of creating and maintaining the project. Thank you for putting it together

Post is looking good, maybe a few more like it & you can buy a few servers! Good luck & great to see support from the community come together! You should be a top 20 witness!

I have this open in a tab at all times. I'll support you all I can with a 100% vote, but I see that you don't post often. I added you to auto vote for you using SteemAuto.

Just curious; would using be a useful tool? Maybe you are not open source.

I hope you find a solution, and if you have any ideas, I'll be trying to watch and support you. You are doing a great job. I've been using it for a while now and I see what you are doing.

Thank you!

Thanks to @jaynie for shouting out about this post over on the @steemitbloggers Discord channel! I'm happy to do what I can to help support this amazing tool. Since my 100% upvote is essentially dust, I also want to add a - tip!

Oh, and thanks also to @claudiaz for shouting out on the World of Photography Discord channel too. 😊

Weiterhin lieferst hier ein erstklassiges Tool ab! Man kann das gar nicht oft genug hervorheben!!!

Mir ist heute folgendes Problemchen aufgefallen:

Derzeit wird der Großteil des freien Autoren Reward bei der 50/50 Einstellung nicht mehr in SBD, sondern in liquid steem ausbezahlt. In der Anzeige "Stats" sieht man aber nur den SBS-Wert und nicht den steem-Wert. Das müsste mal ergänzt werden.

Vielen Dank @freiheit50! Ich hatte ja vor Kurzem die STEEM mit in die Tabellen gebracht und normalerweise sollten sie bei dir auch auftauchen oder meinst du etwas anderes?

Unter 'Steem Info' wird auch die 'Liquid STEEM Ratio' angezeigt. Da kann man genau sehen, wie viel % der SBD als flüssige STEEM ausgezahlt werden ;)

Danke! Einmal shift reload im Browser und schon funktioniert es!

Super! Dann bist du jetzt auf dem aktuellsten Stand und hast auch die auto. Update Logik mit drin. Damit wirst du dann ab jetzt (wenn alles glatt läuft) beim Start der SteemWorld über neue Updates informiert.

Steem world is one of the best applications out there on the steem network and it would be a great loss if you had to discontinue the service. I like the idea you just tried, putting the popup on the steemworld homepage. I for one will send over weekly votes now seeing this popup. Keep up the good work my friend

Hey @steemchiller. I hope a couple of half-ounce silver coins will be on their way to be soon in your hands and help you out a bit to cover the server costs of your great solo work mate. That's the least I could wish to materially recognize, honor and reward your splendid & useful SteemWorld development. :)

Excellent tool this is @steemchiller . Keep up the great work you do :) This tool is so so useful and so easy to get around, keeps me updated on all activity on my steem upvotes, and everything i need . Thanks so much for all that you do .

Steemworld is already a fantastic tool and I for one am very grateful indeed.

I would suggest you take a little time for yourself and not work on it so much. It all ready provides so much and anything else is "icing on the cake".

The community would rather have a slower pace of development than you burn yourself out and then have no development!

Please put your self first!

Hey @steemchiller,
either I am blind, or this feature is still missing...
We can't set our witness proxies on steemworld yet, can we?
If not, that would be a cool feature to have. Thanks a lot for that awesome tool!

Thanks! There is a button on the right in the 'General Data' section ;)

Well that proves it for another time: I'm blind rofl

Thanks for the update! Great work, as usual. I don't think a day goes by (unless I'm camping) that I don't check in at steemworld multiple times.

Thanks for all your hard work. My vote isn't worth much, but you've got it.

I am not sure I mentioned this early, but in the few Discords I am an ADMIN in, I have posted the link to this. As an ADMIN, Steemworld is invaluable.
AND you deserve support.

Great stuff you're [email protected] I just hit dolphin so I will give you some decent Upvotes from now on. Thanks for what you do with Steemworld :)

awesome work. steem world is a great site. i totally depend on steemworld

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Das Du ein super tool gebaut hast, es ist klar das wir sollten alle dich supporten, aber, klar, wurde auch Zeit das du diese Nachricht in Vordergrund bringst, so das alle sehen, und voila, alle support ist da. Upvote für dich, du hast das Verdint, in voll und ganzem. Ich warte nur noch auf diese feature, das mann sieht in 3 stellig nach komme das SP, diese Einstellung, sonst ist supi. Grüsse von Serbien und Schweiz.

Danke dir! Habe es heute eingebaut ;) Kann jetzt in den Einstellungen auf 3 Dezimalstellen gesetzt werden:

Do you need to maintain your own witness when you can send API calls to any other witness node? Seems like you have a large room for cost optimization.

There are 3 kinds of nodes (seed, witness, RPC). For executing API calls on my own server I would need a (full) RPC node. If I should become a top witness in future, I will start my own RPC node. The required hardware for running such a node is very expensive (would need at least 256 GB RAM (better more) ~ $240/month on + $200 setup fee).

One of the next steps for me is starting my witness node. Since we now/in near future need a 64GB RAM machine + 240GB SSD + extra server for the seed node, it's not super profitable currently, but maybe I will receive enough votes to reach the top 50 fast.

My costs are really at minimum and I don't think that I can really optimize them. The rent for my tiny apartment is ~ 240€/month (including warm water, heating etc.) I'm currently living a very minimalists life...

Why don't you use any other RPC node?

Also, carefull highload optimisation could make miracles. You could forward RPC requests to remote RPC node (zero costs for maintaining) and caching them on fast Redis DB. So you could lower you hardware costs dramatically without raising latency for 98% of users.

Why don't you use any other RPC node?

That is what I do. You can choose the node you want to use in settings on SteemWorld. But RPC nodes don't come with all features which I need in my tool. Mentions, follower history, incoming delegations, delegation history, transfer and content searching in posts, comment counts, witnesses produced block ratio, voting stats and many more things are only possible by parsing the chain by myself and storing the data in a fast db on my own servers.

Of course it is possible to develop own API calls, but that would require to run an own full node.

mmm... SteemSQL?

Saw your message on SteemWorld. Upvoted. Thank you for creating this tool. I use it a lot, and by a lot I mean hours daily. Following now and will continue to support you and what you do for us.

Thanks for your work!

I love your Steemworld tool/site, and hope this helps. I'm not worth much, but every little bit adds up, I suppose. Keep up the great work, and hope the tool is still flourishing in the future. I'm sure it's a ton of work, and we appreciate it muchly. Cheers.

du bist derzeit der Einzige, der mir zuverlässige meine Mentions anzeigen kann. Resteem.

Appreciate all the effort and dedication. I second what @etcmike said. It's something that gives me the flexibility to understand what's been happening on my account very quickly.

I happy to support this tool. And for me, the ultimate usage of it would be on a cell phone, either as an app or widget. Maybe there is someone out there that would like to help @steemchiller on this.