A romantic sunny morning

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Nothing is more romantic than sitting at the bar table in the company of your partner on a sunny day near the sea. The tables are located on a large square which has recently been renovated and is a few meters from the town's tourist harbor. The weekend is almost impossible to find a place especially when it is sunny and many tourists occupy the tables sipping cocktails and enjoying the beautiful day.

We ordered some cocktails and soft drinks to quench our thirst and a plentiful plate of appetizers such as panzerotti, focaccia, pizza, sandwiches, bruschetta and piadine. The cocktails are many good, balanced and full of color, garnished with slices of fresh orange or lemon. The appetizer focaccia was made by the owner's mom and is really delicious.

In the morning they serve excellent breakfasts based on coffee or cappuccino with brioche or savory breakfasts with sandwiches, toast, eggs and more. A nice place to enjoy moments of relaxation with your partner or friends.

Restaurant Information

Molo 4
Via Statuti Marittimi, 94, 76125 Trani BT, Italy

A romantic sunny morning
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Definitely a nice lookin' way to start the day!