Grand buffet with 60+ food items!

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Buffet is not my thing, for sure. Because I can't eat much though I'm not skinny. ha ha ha...

And when it's about 60+ food items, it's nearly impossible to even taste half of the food. But I'm a picky one on this. This time I only choose to have some which I don't usually eat. So, here I'm sharing my food journey with you!

insert Img

insert Img
Sharting with the appetizer, soup!

insert Img

insert Img
I'm a salad lover and there were like 20 salad items which were amazing!

insert Img

insert Img

insert Img

And the main course!

insert Img

insert Img

insert Img

insert Img

A glimpse of the place!

insert Img

Here's what I eat!

The place is well managed, neat and clean as you can see. Their service and hospitability were really appreciable. And as it's a well-reputed place so there's no question on their food quality too. I really enjoyed my stay there.

My rating on the place:

Food: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Environment: 5/5
Hygiene: 5/5


# Much Love

Restaurant Information

Spicy Ramna Restaurant
Imperial Amin Ahmed Center House # 54 Road # 10/A, Satmasjid Road, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh

Grand buffet with 60+ food items!
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most welcome respected @rem-steem


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I guess this time my Bangladesh tour will be amazing and I am looking forward to visiting several restaurants this time.

When you are coming? Yeah, the weather is perfect now; warm and nice.

Wow, tasty and spicy food items of Grand buffet photography.

Yeah, it was a delicious meal. Thanks :)

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I wonder if anyone ever tried all 60 items...