Steemchiller goes witness! Let's make Steem safe again ;)

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I think this is the perfect time to start a witness node on Steem. As many known witnesses decided to leave us and start an own blockchain project, there is now more than ever before a need for new engaged Steem witnesses.

I am the founder and developer of and I think I have proven myself to be an honest Steemian many times over the years. Creating drama and wars is not my thing, therefore I prefer to focus on building a better and more peaceful world instead. A world where we can all work together and grow by learning from each other. I will always do my best to bring Steem to where it should be, the top. I think we now have a good chance to finally get there. The sun is already shining, we just need to trust in the beauty of our own creations.

@justinsunsteemit did not really have a fair chance to begin with, because the old community 'influencers' decided to freeze his accounts and attack him badly in his posts. I don't know why the old witnesses were unable to trust him, but it looks like they wanted to ensure that they will not lose control over Steem. That fear started the whole conflict and, as I stated in my last few posts, Justin's decision to secure his own investment by voting own witnesses to the top was an understandable reaction. Nobody likes to wake up and see his millions being locked by other people over night. I would have done the same.

I will never support any fork that freezes anyone's property. Blockchains were invented for exactly that reason. Nobody should be able to touch the coins of other individuals without their explicit permission.

If you want me to be your Steem witness, please vote for @steemchiller on or

As soon as I can afford, I will provide a full RPC node to further support the whole Steem network. Of course, I will continue to develop amazing Steem tools and always help the community as best as I can.

Thank you and Steem on!

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Creating drama and wars is not my thing, therefore I prefer to focus on building a better and more peaceful world instead.

Staying with steemit will not avoid the drama in the near future is my honest opinion. Does censoring of posts from steemit not bother you? Are you ok with that?Even if you really believe what you said in your post, then certainly you have double standards.

Hang on every time I have seen accounts censored here the argument has been ''the blockchain is imitable''
So going by their own logic they have not been censored!

I'm ok with censoring when the future of Steem would otherwise be in danger. They should not use the old chain to promote the new one in the way they did. To a degree the promotion is understandable, because they made a very risky decision and they don't want to lose everything, which has been worked on over the years, but by attacking Justin and Steemit personally over and over again they created a good reason for starting the censorship.

It's like one works for Burger King but eats his burgers at Mc Donalds and while sitting there putting up a big sign that says 'this company's meat is toxic'.

If you're ok with censorship, I wonder what you're doing on social media blockchain.

We want to get money... He doesn't care on what engine this site is working on as long as he gets paid

The joke's on the@steemchiller then, because if you're "in this for the money" you're frighteningly naive.

"the hive" is already censoring accounts. Including @steemchiller.

// Accounts excluded [FROM HIVE AIRDROP] who voted a minimum of two sockpuppets or proxied someone who voted a minimum of two and who didn't unvote before the hive announcement with more than 1k sp

So, not so much a "democracy" as much as it's more like a VOTE FOR THE RIGHT ACCOUNTS OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.

his account is not censored. It's there waiting for him should he choose to log in and use it. He didn't receive the airdrop which isn't an entitlement. There is however a process through which he can gain that airdrop and many have reached out to encourage him to use it.

He didn't receive the airdrop which isn't an entitlement.

Please explain what you mean. Isn't the entire value-theory of HIVE that it's a COPY of steem?

Imagine if NOBODY got an "airdrop"?? HOW many people do you think would move to HIVE?


So, not so much a "democracy" as much as it's more like a VOTE FOR THE RIGHT ACCOUNTS OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.



yep Hive is a 'copy' of the Steem code ... a copy that those who created it had the right to decide what stayed what changed.

In this case they chose to create a starting point that dropped stake to people who didn't vote on sock puppets based on a criteria which was coded in and decided by the code.

That was a somewhat arbitrary starting point for some. For others who get that those who create get to decide we understand the starting point is created by those who create.

They then decided rather than arbitrarily decree that would be the final word, they created a process through which the community could agree to have the airdrop go to those the community didn't see as a threat even though they had a lapse of judgement.

That's democracy in action when those who could choose to control, choose to put the decision in the hands of the collective.

With the behaviour of Justin Sun and his arbitrary, dictatorial censorship, many would have made the move without an airdrop. They would have powered down their accounts and bought HIVE because of it being what Steem should have been. Like they are doing now.

Many of those same people would not be powering down and would be staying here except for the dictatorship from Sun. The more I see what has stayed here, the more I am relieved I'm among those leaving.

Caprcious fascism is alive and well, it's known as Justin Sun... enjoy

I hope the HIVE flourishes.

They definitely have a lot of talented and well-intentioned people on-board.

I just kind of wish they'd stop pretending they're "a decentralized censorship-resistant platform".

And they still haven't taken any steps to prevent someone (or some small group of oligarchs) from accumulating a large HIVE stake and taking-over-the-place (exactly like the SUN fiasco).

Just how do a handful of posts put Steem in danger? That's absurd.

A handful? :)
And also absurdedly upvoted by known accounts! They still have their pending rewards!
Think you were against spam and milking!

  ·  11 days ago (edited)

If all of the fools left on Steem consider Justin the leader, and the leader is upvoting his own post to over $300 with @steemit, then I suppose we should all follow Steem's leader into the ground.

  ·  11 days ago (edited)

Must be for visibility, don't you have made it also?! XD

Self-voting should never have been considered a "crime" in the first place.

Which I didn't really mind that much at first, but with hundreds of lines of blank space??

It was making every comment section practically impossible to read.

It was far far far more than a handful of posts. Posts that were being left absolutely everywhere.

I believe in free-speech. However, I don't think you would appreciate someone coming to your home and spray painting self-promotion and hate speech everywhere. That would be taking the concept of free-speech a bit far, no? I'm pretty sure in that case it would be considered vandalism and abuse.

There's a massive difference between muting accounts that are blatantly comment spamming (which was already done before Justin bought Stinc) and censoring individual posts that happened to be about Hive and in many cases entire accounts. Furthermore I have seen zero hate speech. Your argument is a false equivalence.

You can see all of the censored posts and ENTIRE ACCOUNTS that were not comment spamming added to the Steemit blacklist here:

That crosses a huge line and is not acceptable behavior for someone who claims to be a majority stakeholder of a "decentralized" (lol) blockchain, Steem.

Lucky you that you have seen zero hate speech. I guess you really sheltered yourself from seeing that. How, I do not know. It was everywhere. Particularly in group chats, and by many of "our" so called esteemed members and leaders. It was all there, racism, threats, name-calling, swearing, everything. Many of those chats could be (and were) seen by many. Just because you didn't see it, doesn't mean it didn't happen. This is a logical fallacy.

And who pray-tell do you think programmed those bots to spam users' blogs and their posts? Wouldn't be any of the same people would it?

Wouldn't be any of those people who threatened to fuck Justin and his team, would it?

Don't you know where that phrase originally came from? It originally came from chat and not from Justin. Justin just responded to it. But oh the mockery when he did.

If these people were civil, if they didn't lie, slander, defame, threaten, spam, or engage in other nefarious activity against Justin, then I agree. It was not acceptable to censor them.

However, if they did engage in that type of behavior, this then becomes a whole other issue.

I am sure Justin has an excellent legal team, who have gathered sufficient evidence to support all of his actions.

But of course, believe whatever you like.

Also, this is not the first-time posts or users have been censored on Steem.

Also, Justin didn't create the stake which he bought.

But well you know, if you want have to give the people something to love...and something to hate. Right? Isn't that how it works?

I signed up on Steemit forever ago and lost my password until just recently.

100% this.

I'm pretty sure in that case it would be considered vandalism and abuse.

100% this.

  ·  12 days ago (edited)

I'm ok with censoring when the future of Steem would otherwise be in danger.

How very sycophantic of you. You think people advertising another blockchain on STEEM is the greatest risk to it? Especially people who still own significant stake and resources? Laughable.

I'm ok with censoring when the future of Steem would otherwise be in danger. They should not use the old chain to promote the new one in the way they did.

The censoring placed Steem in more danger than the posts promoting the new chain. Every clone of Steem that has come into existence has done exactly the same thing. Whaleshares was one of the most persistent in doing so.

What the censoring did was move a lot of people, like me, who had every intention of staying on both chains with the hope that both would thrive in their own right to power down and decide to move on.

Justin Sun and his enabler Ned were the maker of their own misery. I didn't agree with the freezing of funds. I did agree with triggering the non-voting that was in the code and had been for years. I also didn't agree with voting for sock puppets especially when their creator wasn't even bothering to do the basics of appearing to run a witness properly like updating price feeds.

After seeing Sun's childish response to the whole situation -- the censoring accounts and arbitrarily changing the TOS to limit free speech was the last straw.

Having said all that, I'm among those who would support you getting the airdrop on Hive should you choose to pursue it simply because of the work you've done and the contributions to the community you've made in the past before this ugly situation occurred.

I'm ok with censoring when the future of Steem would otherwise be in danger.

If steem had a chance to survive, it certainly has it not after starting censoring.I know many that took their decision to abandon completely steem exactly because of that. Not that it was not obvious that it will happen at some point, but some had still illusions. I think you can see that too, I consider you are smart enough to realize where it will all end up...

If steem had a chance to survive, it certainly has it not after starting censoring.

Are you kidding me? Marky and the rest of the censorship (secret) "blacklist" crew all moved to HIVE. There should be much LESS censorship on steem now.

Regards dear friend @liondani.

If steem had a chance to survive, it certainly has it not after starting censoring.

Acts of censorship were currently directed at a group of well-identified users. We can understand this attack as an act of revenge, but ... can we really be sure that these actions will not be extended to the rest of the users?

Changes in TOS give a lot to think about. A legal framework for applying censorship is being established.

Your friend, Juan.

Your blog is your own property. A more appropriate analogy would be if you posted on your Facebook page that you were moving to Steem because you didn't like Facebook's censorship and they removed that post.

But, they weren't just posting on their own blogs. That is the issue. They were posting on nearly every single post being published and in many cases the comments too(using bots).

Oh, I'm not referring to bots or comments. I can understand why Sun would block those. I'm talking about witnesses and crypto influencers that had their posts censored on their own blogs.

Which Facebook did to me. I spent some promoting steem to friends and all links were removed with the warning about community guidlines.. shortly after sharing them.

Actually promoting partiko when it was good..

It's pretty much everywhere

One of the main reasons Steem failed was the way how Ned handled the situation with Dan & EOS (remember the mr.delegation vote?). Guess, history is repeating itself, just that it's Justin vs Hive now.

Hive people spammed their content on off topic places on Steem Blockchain

I will never support any fork that freezes anyone's property. Blockchains were invented for exactly that reason.

You are absolutely wrong with the second part of your sentence! You are confusing technology and governance.

The purpose of a blockchain is to provide immutability for the information added to it - Point.

How the content of a blockchain is used is up to its designers/users. They can decide to store pictures of cats or financial transactions. They can even decide they are allowed to insert transactions that can reset any state information.

That sounds like you defend the governors ability to freeze accounts via a softfork. Of course, the top witnesses can try to attack a stakeholder personally, but they won't be successful in the end, because the world watches and trust will be lost immediately. The people trust in blockchains, because they know that their data/coins are secure.

There might exist blockchain projects where such things are being seen as 'normal' by the majority, but I don't believe that they will make it far in this world.

That sounds like you defend the governors ability to freeze accounts via a softfork.

Absolutely not! You misinterpret my comment and philosophize to serve your cause.

The people trust in blockchains, because they know that their data/coins are secure.

This is a completely false assumption and such people had better find out! Only the content of the operations/transactions are secured by the blockchain, not assets.
This is why many blockchains are trying to defend themselves against 51% attacks

Why are you constantly upvoting your own comments?

As I said, the world watched how Steem's old top witnesses were willing to freeze a new investor's stake, because it was big enough to be able to put their own witness position in danger. I'm aware of the fact that attacks can happen and witnesses must react accordingly, but in this case it was no attack and there is no proof of him wanting to change Steem's consensus structure.

All the bad things that followed and brought us to a centralized-appearing chain are reactions to the one big failure of the witnesses. The good thing is that we can all learn from that and we now have a good reason to work on an improved DPoS system.

Also I've shared some ideas with Glory7, maybe you find them useful.

Maybe you have heard good words from many members of the Steem community, but certainly you have received lots of bad faith just for trying to do what you see fair!! I've been watching in recent days the great results that the proxy.token could make in the past conflict, I think it was a great idea to have that power for the little accounts to influence decisions through it. I know the critical times in which it was implemented don't let us see the great tool that this kind of project could represent. Of course many things need to be improved in the DPOS of Steem as the number of votes and/or decay. Needless to say this should be implemented, but combined with a proxy community vote in which one or various tokens each one having certain rules of participation, education in the vote and of course the posibility to activate, deactivate or leave the proxy if it is not acting accordingly could maybe result in a good instrument for the greater community in Steem.

About your second point is really sad, but we can have the security also that all the spam, angry comments, milking the votes, autovoting and shitposting are the true colors of some of them, others just follow. All the things that most of these people were preaching for three years was just hipocrisy and now greed is open to see. Of course they think they're hurting Justin Sun, nothing more far from reality. Happily all of this is registered in the blockchain!

Will be 13 hard weeks, steem didn't die when price was 0.10, it was 0.13 before Ned sold steemit, now it's 0.17 All is a game, only which is inside of us is the true value, everyone should know that!!

Much respect!!


I think the answer to all the so called censorship in steemit is simply having an independent and nice interface. The use of the stake mostly in the whale accounts is more difficult to oppose if they decide on their own circle-jerking interests. has been around forever and lets you view the Steem chain uncensored. Justin Sun also took away their funding, so they may have to shut down soon.

Maybe JS was mad because they freezzz his funds! :)
So let's bring a new one!

By the way JS stake in hive is now in the hands of yuor witnesses to use in their autovoted proposals, supported by their whale friends. If you don't like, your vote remains with them for 30 days.

I can change my votes whenever I want on Hive, you seem to have been misinformed about how the governance works

  ·  11 days ago (edited)

Correct, so if you want, explain how this improves governance if big stakes, most of them not voting right now, some with many alternate accounts, some of them whith even "fair" ninja-mined stake, some circle-jerking forever, can still decide what they want.

How will be handed the stemit stake now in hands of the hive dao masters? That would be another good question, it keeps growing.

Please, you know how it works, tell us, keep giving value to the steem blockchain! :)


The 30 day rule is just a temporary measure to keep exchanges from taking over the chain by locking up customer funds because someone has bribed them to. Future measures to improve Hive governance are still being discussed and worked on.

"some with many alternate accounts"
I have 6 accounts, planning on making more, number of accounts affects nothing lol.

It seems the misinformed is you!! Please read, and read carefuly the paragraph What improvements have been added?!! :)

So first off, please read that carefully again 😂

This delay means that after an account “powers up” or stakes funds, there will be a 30 day delay before those vests can be used towards voting on governance (witnesses) or through voting in the SPS.

In laymans terms, this is saying that when you vote with say 1HP, that 1HP has to have been powered up for 30 days. If you have 1HP in your wallet for 30+ days, then your vote is worth 1HP. If you then added 1 more HP, you would only have the original 1HP for 30 days, then you would have 2HP after your second deposit was powered up.

There is no limitation on adding or removing votes, you can do that at anytime with any amount of HP.

The majority of my Hive is powered up (I am powering up proceeds from selling Steem rn) and has been powered up for much more then 30 days so I can vote with it.

Hopefully that makes sense

@steemchiller when you say that you would never support any fork to freeze funds, would that include the people who are choosing to exit Steem?

Yes, that includes everyone and I'm pretty sure that also Justin would never ever fork out their funds. People need to see the big picture. No big investor would buy a company and attack its leaving customers, because it would damage one's own reputation massively.

Thanks @steemchiller. Based on his past interactions and current activities, I don't think he is too concerned with his reputation, but I'm glad that you are willing to stand by your convictions even if they go against the central authority. That's what the blockchain needs to survive. Hopefully, you will be able to bring some fairness to this chain. I'll be wishing you success.

Hopefully, you will be able to bring some fairness to this chain. I'll be wishing you success.

this. I doubt it, but thats the only grain of salt here.

Downvoting with a $300 vote isn't attacking?

Censoring isn't attacking?

Calling an experienced dev a hacker isn't attacking?

I hope you're not expecting Sun to find where the witnesses live and physically attack them before you say that he "attacked" them

"The world watches and trust will be lost immediately."

You've just described why Sun messed up and hive will succeed

I got to STEEM through Steemit.
I don't think I like being on another part or on another platform, I have tried several and the only one I really liked was Steemit. In addition to all your training flow and all kinds of people. I have really kept myself low key and I do what I can and I will continue to do it but here. I believe in the potential of this platform but I also know that those who are witnesses should know how to defend the platform and not want harm for it.
Well anyway I have always liked SteemWorld and I have read many of your posts, and the anguish that caused you to invest all your resources to achieve an excellent job and not have enough. I think it is wonderful work and it would seem childish to me that the desire to destroy it for pride or for any other reason prevailed. I think these are times to build. So you have my vote, although I try to do it and I only see the button turn, without loading the vote.

Ich bin durch Steemit zu STEEM gekommen.
Ich glaube nicht, dass ich gerne auf einem anderen Teil oder auf einer anderen Plattform bin, ich habe mehrere ausprobiert und der einzige, den ich wirklich mochte, war Steemit. Zusätzlich zu all Ihrem Trainingsfluss und allen Arten von Menschen. Ich habe mich wirklich zurückhaltend gehalten und ich tue was ich kann und ich werde es weiterhin tun, aber hier. Ich glaube an das Potenzial dieser Plattform, aber ich weiß auch, dass diejenigen, die Zeugen sind, wissen sollten, wie man die Plattform verteidigt, und keinen Schaden dafür wollen.
Trotzdem hat mir SteemWorld immer gefallen und ich habe viele Ihrer Beiträge gelesen und die Qual, die Sie veranlasst hat, all Ihre Ressourcen zu investieren, um einen hervorragenden Job zu erreichen und nicht genug zu haben. Ich denke, es ist eine wundervolle Arbeit und es scheint mir kindisch, dass der Wunsch, sie aus Stolz oder aus irgendeinem anderen Grund zu zerstören, vorherrschte. Ich denke, dies sind Zeiten zum Bauen. Sie haben also meine Stimme, obwohl ich es versuche und nur den Knopf drehen sehe, ohne die Stimme zu laden.

I know you said you prefer to use Steemit. If this is not working: you could make an exception and try this: I hope this helps.

Hi @akiroq
Thanks for your interest and sample of altruism.

  ·  12 days ago (edited)

Great! This will please dear leader Justin Sun. Make sure you run every single hard fork and piece of code that he wants to be released. Also remember to never ask questions (dear leader hates that). Run every piece of code right on the mainnet, never test it. Always trust dear leader Sun knows best. If the code he gives you does not work or causes issues with the API, it's not his fault, it's your server.

I wonder how people can see so many bad things in a person without really knowing him and his plans. We should at least give him a chance. I'm finally very optimistic about Steem again, because there is now someone who will clean all the mess.

A few things come to mind. How many chances do you give someone who is taking a decentralised blockchain and running it in a centralised way? For years Steem has had content I have not always agreed with, but I would never wish for any of those authors to be blacklisted.

  • CCP style censorship (trying to scrub mention of Hive)
  • Justin using millions in Steem to downvote content related to Hive
  • Lying to exchanges to get them to use customer funds to vote in socket puppet witnesses
  • Creating a blacklist of users who left for Hive or had something to do with its development. First citing terms of service violations (which did not exist) and then changing the terms of service.
  • Dangerously lining the top 20 with sock puppet witnesses all running on the same server, with incorrect price feeds

I used to be a big believer in Steem. I've been actively involved in the community as well as numerous development efforts. I lead the Steem Engine front end team, I loved this place. Now, it goes against the principles of centralisation and the way Steemit is running this place, it's not what Steem was ever about. As much as Ned was an ass, he and Steemit never stooped this low.

All the points you mentioned are reactions to the one important failure of the witnesses:
They froze the stake of a new, big investor.

Justin is just defending his investment. Prior to the SF he even said that he does not plan to get involved in the existing consensus structure. The witnesses created a situation in which he could not do anything other than overtaking the top to get his funds back.

Here's the style to deal with that in the "free" world!!

I'm sorry you're offended that people are willing to give you a second chance

Don´t feel sorry for me! That answer wasn't for me!
In the recent case is the same, they are asking for steemchiller and all the people blacklisted in the airdrop, to beg for clemence and bow to the masters.


Deal with reality or reality will deal with you!!!

  ·  11 days ago Reveal Comment

It seems that you got lots of downvotes who did not even offer to counter your argument LOL.

Downvoted for fiction.

  ·  11 days ago Reveal Comment

That's a special account. Can't do anything but payout HBD to proposals voted on by the decentralized community.


Please don't say anything if you're entirely ignorant of what you're talking about. Thank you.

Do you even know what the Steem.dao account is? Evidently, not. That's the account for the proposals system, it's akin to the null account... Sheesh, if this is the intelligence level of the people left on Steem, this place is doomed.

  ·  11 days ago (edited)

In the hive dao is also the ninja mined stake of steemit. Now in the hands of your witnesses to use in their self voted proposals, along with the steem/hive of the censored users of steem that were labeled as traitors.

If anyone at all has access to it, then it is not a null account. From what I have heard people do have access, and stated justification for having that access. I am sure you can find that information unless it, like many other things, has also been walked back. Who knows at this point really.

Are you saying all of us who freely decided to stay in steemit is beneath you? Such arrogance.

That can't vote?

Hi there

I've been reading through many comments related to new hive chain and I've seen your comment too. Many users are being torn, however majority seem to be moving to new hive.

Are you fully moving there or will you stay on both chains? Just curious. I'm trying to figure out what to do myself.

I’m moving there slowly but surely.

If you check out his history....

What people decide is up to them. All I can do is hope that people look a bit deeper than what they have been told, and do their own research. Then they will have something to base their opinion and decision on instead of just retelling the stories they have been told.


Hi @steemchiller, that is great to see such a news it was already a long time that I was wondering why you are not a witness but I can understand that you are a person who is concentrating on your work and not in all the drama around.

The same like you, me and @myskye absolutely agree that everyone in this free world has a fair chance to show themselves, what he is and what he does and we have judge people on the results of their work and not on our personal likes or dislikes.

We have seen what you have done for last 4 years and very glad that you now step up and would like to lead the community as a witness. You have our Vote and we know that many of our friends will vote for you too.

Actually it is fair to say:

Hey Steemians, everyone who uses and likes Steemworld program have to Vote for you @steemchiller as a witness!

@justinsunsteemit did not really have a fair chance to begin with, because the old community 'influencers' decided to freeze his accounts and attack him badly in his posts.

It's like you're watching the same screen and an entirely different movie. Have fun appealing to a centralized authority, it's clearly the type of environment you prefer to exist in.

Lol... frag mich echt, wie du da nur minimales Vertrauen rein setzen kannst, aber gz zum Witness - LANGE überfällig ;).

Glad to have you, let's build this place.

Hey SteemChiller I voted for you.

Thank you :)

Let's gather people who want to work on helping to secure Steem.

Seems like a daunting task when you have Justin Sun voting in the top witnesses with his stake. And his stake (almost) alone. And he's a shitty voter, voting in multiple fake accounts into consensus. It's not going to work, Steem's a sinking ship.

It's been a month of hotheads escalating on both sides.

I agree, huge uphill battle, could fail might not be worth it.

Great to see Hive doing so well, congrats.

Lovely picture and conflict resolution in Slack!

😂 If you've been paying attention there's no reasoning with these incompetent people. Censoring Steemit was the last straw for me. Just the fact that two photos of Justin's face popping out of goatse's asshole remain there means they don't even visit the slack anymore.

the lack of reasonableness is plain to see, the conflict resolution absent.

I'm sure giggling about your picture brought great joy. :)

I'm not easily offended... It was such a moment of clarity in who I'm dealing with. Thanks for that.

Voted you, Man.
Keep on the good work!

You have my vote. I think you acted very fairly in this drama and were unfairly penalised by not receiving a stake in Hive, in spite of your service to so many Steemians 🙏🏽

  ·  12 days ago (edited)

Hi @steemchiller

what's going on here, have you seen it?
witness 63teemchiller (disabled forever)


on this list it is correct


Thanks for mentioning this! As @bluerobo stated, the running_version is reported as 0.0.0. as long as a witness hasn't yet produced a block. I produced my first block a few minutes ago and now it's being displayed correctly ;)

well, then I understand

I think it is because he has not run any blocks yet. He is still setting up

Hello dear, @Xpilar! I was thinking that maybe THIS, deserve some of your attention and much more visibility on hive.

A big hug and good winds for every project!!

thanks for the information @leveuf

Glad to see that there are still developers on steemit who are brave enough to take a chance and help build a new steemit and steem. I will stay in Steem and continue to use steemit. I totally agree with you and the old witnesses did not handle the negotiations well. They started the war which they could not finish. I mean they did not even last a month. The end result was Steem landing in full control of Justin Sun.

The incident brought out the worse of the Steem community with many coming off as bigots and racist, equating Justin's ethnicity as one of the reasons for not trusting him. Ignoring the sensibilities of other races who are also using this platform.

It was all about maintaining power, influence and whale circle jerking party that has been running since time immemorial. Censorship is nothing new on steemit practically those who have enough power can downvote (censor) anyone without any repercussions. Unfortunately, there is a bigger whale in town. Funny it seems that censorship is okay so long as they are the one censoring now they are getting a dose of their own medicine it miraculously becomes taboo, how hypocritical.

Let's make Steem safe again ;)

This resonates with me a lot... the previous Steem is not safe for dissenting opinions especially against whales or their cohorts. While steemit inc is censoring post it does not bother me since a lot of them are just spamming the network. Their post does not add value that will benefit steemit users. They are just here to burn down the house which others chose to stay.

I'd rather deal with censorship than having to associate myself with bigots, and racists. I don't want to be coerced to behave differently just to always be invited to a whale circle-jerking party or to avoid being censored by a downvoting group of megalomaniacs with their skewed ethnocentric views.

Meine Stimme wirst du bekommen 👍

Yes I agree
My vote is not worth much bu you have it : )

It seems to me that a lot of people do not know what to look for in a witness and have been wondering for quite some time about what we need to know about witnesses.

Given the recent events I am wondering what questions you would ask any potential top twenty witness to determine their suitability?

A witness should be in control of himself and be able to make important decisions himself. He should be able to work with a clear mind also when there is much noise around him. He should care about what is being discussed regarding the future of Steem and should always stay true to himself, not just blindly follow the herd into the darkness.

I won't vote for witnesses that are at any point willing to freeze other accounts and I prefer to vote for people who focus on Steem's success instead of drama.

A witness should be in control of himself and be able to make important decisions himself.

As you will be... waiting for to vote you in. 😂

Welcome to the TRON promotion machine.
I at least hope you make some money out of it, you speak nonsense, but at least you had a good service going.

  ·  12 days ago (edited)

Hey @SteemChiller I would never want to be disrespectful to you since I really enjoy your services for the community and your general attitude. If you see me hate on Justin or recent happenings, do never feel included.

The Sun has risen very high meanwhile, there is a lot of work ahead of you.

You have my support.

We voted for your witness.

And why did Exyle suddenly disappeared?

really glad to see new witness candidacy like you, steemchiller! Welcome aboard, you deserve to be a rewardee from community :)

I am in FULL support of you @steemchiller. I have always been from the very beginning...from day 1. I was just waiting for you to come out so I could vote you in. I've never voted someone for witness before because I was waiting for you. Thank God you are here. This man is "the dude" we can trust. He deserves it. I love you @steemchiller.

Esto es amor y lo demás tonterías xD

Hallo @steemchiller gut Nachrichten können wir gebrauchen! Steemchiller for Witness
Ich sehe die alte Wittnesse Garde auch als Schuldigen die den Streit vom Zaun gebrochen hat.

Danke dir! Ja, es wird Zeit für weniger Streit und mehr positive, erfolgsversprechende Zusammenarbeit. Es können nicht immer alle Leute einer Meinung sein, aber zumindest sollten wir andere Meinungen respektieren und nicht sofort einen Krieg starten, wenn es mal kompliziert wird.

Wir schaffen das, wenn wir es zulassen ;)

Hallo @steemchiller,

ich bewundere deinen Mut. Was zwischen den Witnesses und Justin Sun abgelaufen ist, gleicht einem Kindergarten. Das ist kein professionelles Geschäftsgebahren. Ich persönlich bin neutral und der Meinung, dass beide Blockchains eine Chance für die Dezentralisierung bedeuten, wobei ich ehrlich gesagt Hive gößere Chancen einräume.

Dennoch warte ich erst mal ab, was hinter den Versprechungen beider Seiten über deren Pläne zur Entwicklung einer wahren dezentralen Plattform bzw. Blockchain steckt und am Ende in die Tat umgesetzt wird.

Wir brauchen Witnesses mit Integrität und guten Prinzipien, denen sie treu sind. Selbstloses Handeln zu Diensten der Community und der Entwicklung einer wahren dezentralen Blockchain, das ist der richtige Weg in eine freie und friedliche Gesellschaft.

Deshalb beabsichtige ich demnächst eine Community zu gründen, die sich mit der Vision von "Protopolis" beschäftigt. Dazu folgen noch Posts von mir, worin ich das Projekt und die Vorgehensweise zur Entwicklung einer Blaupause für die zukünftige Gesellschaft vorstellen werde.

Aus oben genannten Gründen werde ich neben Hive auch weiterhin die Steem Blockchain unterstützen. Beide können gedeihen. Krieg ist keine Lösung.

Lass dich nicht unterkriegen und diene stets dem Guten!



I love to vote you as witness. I can do whatever in my hand to reach out you at top 20. Please update your version.
I also think about to start a witness note from a week but i don't have sufficient support to reachout at top50, So I droped the idea. I am in learning stage.

I like the steemworld app very much, your thoughts for standing strong against wrong things done with @justinsunsteemit . I Support you.

you shd do tat moons ago ! keep going. want to vote but having issue with steemworld witness voting , cant sign with keychain and manual login return some error.

Yes, finally the time has come :)

cant sign with keychain and manual login return some error.

I guess you weren't signed in. Auto-Signin is not yet available. You first need to sign in using your posting key.

I added a hint that was missing for those cases.
Thanks for reporting!

진심으로 환영 합니다.

대단히 감사합니다 :)

Witness voted!

Was wondering if you were ever going to be a witness. You have my vote hands down. Steemworld is by far, my favorite tool that has come out of Steem to date! I hope to see Steem move forward, and think very similarly about the situation as you.

Ich habe dies gerade entdeckt und dich gevotet. Wenn du magst, setze ich dich als Proxy. Soll ich?


Vielen Dank @freiheit50! Ja, du kannst mich gerne als Proxy setzen.