The Importance of Caring for Togetherness in the Community

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Someone decides to be part of a community with certain considerations and motives. Big or small, fundamental or trivial, everyone has a motive when joining a community. Although we often hear there are people who claim not to have any motive, except just for fun. Fun is also a motive.
Because of different motives and characteristics, each community member also has a different type. This is indeed one of the characteristics of the organization, both formal and informal.

An organization consists of heterogeneous people who don't even know each other, even though there are times when they only know the name, but they never meet, as in Steemzzang and other communities in Steemit who never meet but know each other, even if only by account name.

So when the Indonesian Steemit Community was still active first, frequent meetups were held so that each community member knew each other, was familiar, encouraged and motivated each other, shared information, and supported each other. In essence, each member of the community share to grow together.
Because it consists of individuals with different characters, it is important to map the type of each community member. First, there are the main types of supporters who are ready to support the community to move forward. He does not want to go alone, but always shares with other members. Ideally, this is what a good member of the community should be like.

Second, there are those who join the community because they want to benefit only. When he was lucky, he declared himself part of the community. But when there was no profit, he withdrew either openly or quietly. People like this are many in various communities. He did not want to bitterly build a community.

Third, there are also passive types who are merely registered as members of a community. He did nothing to build the community, but also did nothing to the detriment of the community. He just simply enlivened the community. This type also exists in every organization.

There are still many types and characteristics of other community members. Getting to know them and then mapping them is very important in managing an organization. When taking a decision and want to run a program, a community administrator already knows from whom to get support, from whom will get constructive criticism and suggestions, who will blaspheme, or who will be ignorant of all.
With this mapping capability, we can know the atmosphere and future of the community.

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Betul bang, saya juga melihat itu di Steemit, banyak yang mengatasnamakan dirinya bagian dari komunitas. Tapi ia tidak membuktikan ucapannya itu, bergabung dengan komunitas semata-mata hanya ingin memburu bayaran. Ketika masalah datang, ia malah hilang dari komunitas.