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During this time I noticed a lot of posts by fellow Indonesian Steemians who got curated from the curie team. Something that the Steemians had been waiting for in general. The post that gets curated is of course an organic post.

Posts that are purely their own work indeed get the best place among the whale in Steemit. Therefore, I strongly recommend that we always try to make posts like that.

No need to have thousands of words, as long as it's not too short. To make it easier maybe we can all see posts from our friends who get curated. So we can duplicate the writing patterns.

The fact is we can freely make posts. There are many hashtags and tribes now that benefit us all. Because on average they also give prizes in the form of their own tokens.

If friends have hobbies or hobbies, it is also very interesting to share. For example, there are our friends who love to plant various ornamental plants. Here you can make posts about what plants are being hit or are in demand.

How to plant properly. Anything that must be considered so that plants can flourish and in accordance with what we expect. Are there certain tips or tricks to accelerate its growth?

If anyone is interested, where can I get it? What is the approximate price of the seeds?

That is one example. The same thing can be applied that has a hobby of photographing. Can share knowledge about how to take the right photo. How to shoot indoor or outdoor.

Sara-suggestions for those who like to photograph landscapes so the results are more riveting. The angle of shooting is how best to photograph rivers, rice fields, mountains and more. How to adjust speed, shutter aperture and use of the right lens.

Of course there are many things we can share here. The point is we are trying to make an organic post. Share creativity and ideas. Not plagiarism from the work of others.

I am sure the business will not betray the results. The harder we try the better the results will be in the future.

Good luck. Don't forget to be happy.

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  ·  last month (edited)

Yes, I agree with that in convey earlier. therefore, I always try to keep in making the original content work of my own, and as much as possible avoid plagiarize others. a work of quality will attract attention, so there will be hope in visit the whale.

Greetings compact always 😃